Kassem Mohamad Ajami Led To The Foundation Of Another Steel Fabrication & Manufacturing Company Called “Metal Berg Manufacturing”

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - Nigeria, Lagos - (PR Distribution™)

Metal Berg Manufacturing is a steel fabrication and Manufacturing Company based in Nigeria and is a member of Saba Steel Industrial Nigeria Limited, founded by Kassem Mohamad Ajami and Majed Hamadi as it's Managing Director. The company deals in the manufacturing of Pre-engineered buildings made up of steel, largely covering warehouses and multi-storey steel structures.

Providing other vast range of services as fabrication and erection of steel structures, Silos and Tanks, manufacturing of cylinders and overhead cranes, TMT rebar’s and ship scrapping.

The growth of the company today is evident that its products are highly accepted amongst the customers & public at large. The company houses standard quality assured laboratories to make sure every product & service complies with the standard led down by International market or audience.

The company advances its services as – design engineering, having professional designing team & consultancy with advanced tools to forward modern designs. Welding services with the different process like laser process, arc welding, ultrasonic welding, soldering, brazing & inspection.

Plasma cutting services, where advance CAD design and CNC machine tools are utilized to make sure there are better finishing’s and minimum waste of material.

Bending services, where they specialize in metal bending for pipe, sheets, beams & bars in any shape & radii asked by clientele. They turn custom prototype design into the final project.

Their other key services houses – mechanical installation, industrial maintenance services, manpower support, product inspection, PMT management and procurement subcontracting to help industries & businesses grow and find the best resources.

The company has a range of products in the form of – steel canopies, pre-engineered buildings, hot rolled steel structures, prefabricated houses, petroleum & pilling pipes, steel cladding & roofing and customized steel roofing.

The company's diverse range of products & services are shipped & exported only when they are tested as quality assured and are stamped as compatible to the industry type. Their range of modern & advanced machinery and equipment engineer products that are ready-to-implement.

About MetalBerg Manufacturing 

Metal Berg Manufacturing   is a new-age steel fabrication and Manufacturing company, having main product PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) from steel, largely for the warehouses & multi-storey steel structures. Devising customized solutions minding each industry's specific requirement to help them scale their business.

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