Japan’s NSITEXE enjoyed a productivity boost from VAXEL in its next-generation FPU design verification

02/21/2020 09:00 - United States, California, San Jose - (PR Distribution™)

February 21, 2020, San Jose, CA – VAXEL Incorporated announced that its flagship product VAXEL, a hardware-aided simulation solution using Xilinx FPGA, has brought a measurable productivity improvement at NSITEXE Inc., one of the leading Japanese automotive semiconductor IP companies.

430 times faster than simulator

VAXEL was deployed to significantly reduce the RTL design-verification time for NSITEXE’s next-generation FPU IP development project. Koji Adachi, the project manager for the design team, stated, “I was introduced to VAXEL in the spring of 2019 as a hardware-aided simulation-acceleration solution, mainly for development of image-related chips. But then when this next-generation FPU IP development project started, I immediately thought that VAXEL could bring the same effects to non-image chip designs when many tests are required.” Adachi said that the project had extra-challenging time-to-market requirements from management and a set of very tight budgets, both in engineering and budgetary aspects. “I called VAXEL and asked for some POC trials,” Adachi recalls. “When I saw the initial test results of one opcode of the FPU design, which was completed in a little more than 3 minutes by VAXEL, my decision was not difficult because I knew the EDA simulator would take 27 hours.”

Ease of set-up and requiring zero knowledge or experience on FPGA are also strengths

Tadd Matsuoka, CEO of VAXEL Incorporated, said, “I was excited about the opportunity at NSITEXE’s next-generation FPU IP project. I was confident that VAXEL was going to outperform their expectations.” Matsuoka added, “Not only about the productivity improvement that VAXEL brought to the customer, but I am certain that the customer was happy about that the ease of setup and about how the solution required no FPGA expertise to operate as we promised.” 

UVM-ready hardware-aided simulation-acceleration solution

VAXEL is now available in the US market for SoC and IP designers.  This economical hardware-aided simulation-acceleration solution has been designed to co-exist with the UVM environment in which many US chip design projects are conducted. 

A 3-month VAXEL license starts from US$4,000.



NSITEXE is a wholly owned subsidiary of DENSO Corporation, NSITEXE specializes in designing and supplying semiconductor IP blocks specific to the automobile and industrial automation spaces. The company is led by its president and CEO, Yukihide Niimi, who envisions bringing the team of highly skilled and innovative engineers to one of the top-tier chip IP block suppliers in the global market. 




VAXEL Inc. is a semiconductor design verification solutions startup with headquarter in San Jose, CA, USA. The company provides highly efficient RTL design-verification-acceleration tools such as VAXEL and iTGV.  The company was formed by Japan’s top hardware design verification professionals, who have been serving the country’s top-tier OEMs, such as Panasonic, Sony, and Sharp, for decades. CEO is Tadd Matsuoka, who has been in the industry over 30 years.

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