Janice Kellogg Roses to bloom at California State Capitol World Peace Rose Garden this spring

04/30/2019 05:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Kellogg Garden Products is proud to announce the Janice Kellogg variety will bloom in the California State Capitol World Peace Rose Garden this spring. The Janice Kellogg Roses join more than 150 varieties and 650 roses that bloom in Sacramento’s famed rose garden every April.

Established in 2003 by the Sacramento-based nonprofit organization International World Peace Rose Gardens (IWPRG), the State Capitol Rose Garden symbolizes peace, love and inspiration for women, children and families. The Janice Kellogg Rose, named after Kellogg Garden Products’ former chairperson and matriarch of the Kellogg family, also embodies these qualities. A longtime rose aficionado, Janice Kellogg was an inspiring woman committed to preserving her family legacy and investing in the community. 

“I admire what the Janice Kellogg Rose represents,” said TJ David, co-founder of IWPRG. “We gave it a prominent location, right next to a walkway entrance to the garden, and we can’t wait to see it in full bloom this spring,” said David. 

Janice Kellogg passed away in 2015, but her memory will live on forever through the Janice Kellogg Rose. Developed by Star Roses, the special variety was unveiled in 2005 to celebrate Kellogg Garden Products’ 80th anniversary and reflects the sense of tradition and roots of its namesake. It took nearly fifteen years to develop the commemorative rose – a direct descendant of the Yves Piaget rose it is a traditional, burgundy red Grandiflora Floribunda that boasts a cuplike, old-fashioned shape, classical mild fragrance, with a multitude of romantic-styled blooms on each shrub. Through the growing season, the Janice Kellogg Rose is always in flower and features beautiful, full blooms that last. 

Kellogg Garden Products and IWPRG share a passion for beautiful gardens and how they can positively impact a community. The IWPRG was incorporated in 1988 to provide peace in diverse communities around the world by creating beautiful rose gardens on public, accessible sites, where people are inspired to be better citizens. Like the IWPRG, “Mrs. K” believed in leaving the world a more beautiful place, and that investing into the community would benefit everyone the same. 

Kellogg Garden Products has remained a family owned and operated business for more than 90 years with roots that run deep and span four generations. Along with a commitment to family, Kellogg Garden Products is passionate about giving back and donates a portion of its profits each year to several charitable programs and organizations, including programs to support school and community gardens.

The Janice Kellogg Rose will bloom this spring at the California State Capitol World Peace Rose Garden. The Victorian-style garden in State Capitol Park features a fountain as its centerpiece and numerous pathways lined with benches where guests can take in the beauty of various rose varieties. The Peace Rose, another variety at the World Peace Rose Garden, is honored every year on National Peace Rose Day, April 29, and signals the start of many national days that honor the official flower of the United States. Like that rose, inspirational messages of peace on 44 individual plaques can be seen throughout the World Peace Garden for years to come. 

About Kellogg Garden Products

Founded in 1925 by H. Clay Kellogg, Kellogg Supply, Inc. has been manufacturing gardening products for over 90 years. The company's core business of organic soils and fertilizers is consolidated under the Kellogg Garden Products division. That core business is now complemented by other divisions that include Orcon, Organic Labs, and H&I Agritech. The focus of Orcon, also based in Southern California, is on providing repellents and live beneficial insects. Organic Labs, based in Florida, is focused on organic or naturally derived pesticides, fungicides, & liquid fertilizers. H&I Agritech, based in New York is in the business of environmentally safe, broad spectrum foliar fungicides The company remains owned and operated by third-generation members of the Kellogg family who maintain their grandfather's steadfast commitment to help people grow beautiful, healthy gardens organically. Learn more at www.kellogggarden.com

About International World Peace Rose Gardens 

International World Peace Rose Gardens (IWPRG) is a catalyst for peace in diverse communities around the world. The nonprofit organization was incorporated in 1988 for the purpose of creating beautiful rose gardens for peace on public, accessible sites. The gardens have become magnetic centers where people gather, enjoy beauty and are inspired to be better persons and world citizens. The projects, including IWPRG youth programs, have impacted millions around the world. For more information, visit www.worldpeacerosegardens.org

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