Is the latest cybersecurity trend to put a condom in the bag if you’re having a shag?

05/03/2019 18:00 - United Kingdom, London - (PR Distribution™)

Put a Condom in the Bag if you're having a shag! We all know that's sensible advice for avoiding high risk behavior.

Charlotte Badger (www.charlottebadger.com) uses the condom analogy as a cheeky but very relevant introduction to the serious topic of how they use their proprietary Predator-Prey Platform to analyze an organization's high risk cybersecurity behavior. The results of which can then be used to influence and inform Enterprise Risk Management, Budget and Strategy.

Cyber crime is increasing exponentially, the number of attacks is going up and up and the scale of data breaches just keeps getting bigger and bigger. People have become accustomed to reading how millions and hundreds of millions of people are affected. Those same headlines would have caused outrage not so long ago.

At the same time cybersecurity budgets keep increasing.

Charlotte Badger CEO Graham Gardiner believes many organizations could be allocating time, effort and resources in the wrong areas. “Organizations don’t have a clear understanding of how their high risk cybersecurity behavior affects and informs their adversaries” he comments “It’s time to get a firm grip and understand why they’re a target, who is going to attack and how they will attack”. 

Charlotte Badger will be at Infosec Europe, London on 4-6 June and posing the question - What’s in your bag?

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