iOS Update Causes Difficulties for Hearing Aid Users

01/08/2020 07:00 - United States, Colorado, Denver - (PR Distribution™)

Following the release of the iOS version 13.1.3 update, audiologists at Sound Relief Hearing Center are helping patients regain connectivity to their hearing aid devices. The newest edition of Apple’s operating system released this fall seeks to address key issues related to Bluetooth connectivity and other bugs that existed in previous versions.

In a statement from the company, Apple listed the fixes the new update is supposed to help with, claiming it “improves connection reliability of Bluetooth hearing aids and headsets.” Considering that an increasing portion of hearing aids use Bluetooth technology, this update is claimed by many familiar with the industry to be very important.

Dr. Kenzie Phillips is an audiologist at Sound Relief, and she has helped countless patients work through this issue.  “Although the recent update to iOS has caused some challenges for our patients, the improvement in Bluetooth reliability will be a major benefit moving forward,” reports Dr. Phillips.  She encourages people to, “come into the office to get your devices re-paired to your phone by an audiologist. You will happy with the improvements in functionality.”

About 8 million Americans currently wear hearing aids, which may be why Apple decided to specific highlight hearing aid compatible during their latest update. However, some audiologists estimate that as many as 35 million Americans are hearing impaired, meaning the population is significantly underserved. Additionally, studies show that individuals with mild hearing loss are twice as likely to develop dementia as those with normal hearing.

In an interview, Sound Relief explained that the reason why many people don’t have the hearing aids they need is that a large portion of the hearing-impaired population is unaware of their hearing issues. People who haven’t recently visited an audiologist or hearing center often don’t realize they are hearing far worse than they possibly could.

So far, many patients using the new iOS update have reported positive results and better connectivity with their MFI hearing devices. As more updates are released in the future, expect better connectivity, improved functionality and ease of use from Apple supported hearing devices. If you or a loved one are currently experiencing hearing aid connectivity issues, it’s important to seek help. Schedule an appointment with your local audiologist at Sound Relief Hearing Center.

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