International Beverage Distributor Saves $3.35 Million in Workers’ Compensation Costs with Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Wellness Program

2019-02-28 14:38:58 - CENTENNIAL, CO - (PR Distribution™)

A large-scale international beverage distribution company was suffering from ballooning workers’ compensation costs that were severely impacting the company’s bottom line. After analysis, it was learned that the largest contributor to workers’ compensation claims was simple muscle strains and sprains. Those preventable musculoskeletal injuries made up more than 46% of the claims costing $5.6 million in one year alone.

After success with an initial pilot program, the Briotix Health comprehensive musculoskeletal wellness program was rolled out throughout the company and included Industrial Sports Medicine, Ergonomics, and Health Education. Over the course of four years, the company saved more than $3.35 million in reduced musculoskeletal workers’ compensation costs with an ROI of 2.08 to 1. 

“Briotix Health’s systematic approach reduced injury risks and improved the performance of the workforce,” said one company safety manager. “As a supervisor, I find this service very helpful. It has helped me and my crew immensely with our daily aches and pains allowing everyone to complete their tasks without discomfort. Our morale has improved as has our productivity.” 

Briotix is the leading provider of workforce performance optimization solutions, combining ergonomics, injury and disability prevention, physical rehabilitation, performance optimization, and return-to-work/stay-at-work services and technology. Briotix transforms organizational productivity by unlocking the potential of our clients’ workforce. Briotix’ clients enjoy a powerful, competitive advantage that is enabled through the intelligent application of science in the physical, cognitive, and organizational disciplines.

Briotix clients include many Fortune 500 companies and their global operations and a significant number of the largest insurers and their proxies. Based in the United States, the company services clients throughout the United States and in more than 63 countries. 

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