Impactrum, Inc. uses 37 years of experience in LED development to launch a new line of self-contained portable LED displays and video walls

03/26/2020 07:00 - United States, California, Anaheim - (PR Distribution™)

Korean manufacture, Impactrum, Inc., uses 37 years of experience in LED development and design to launch their new Standio line of self-contained portable LED displays and video walls.

Impactrum, Inc. has developed LED displays and video walls for over 37 years, bringing their manufacturing clients’ ideas to life as a leading LED display technology developer. For the first time, Impactrum will release their own product designs directly to the market and further develop their sales distribution partnerships.

The LED display technology company operates out of Anaheim, California, with Korean-based manufacturing.  In March of 2020, Impactrum launched the world’s first outdoor color transparent LED film. Now Impactrum is launching the new Standio line of self-contained portable LED displays and video walls.

The Standio series offers high-resolution, fine pitch displays from 1.2mm. Industry unique system processing using the Impactrum Simple Board™ resulting in increased board reliability and stability. Aluminum die-casting and industry-unique use of hinge designs and locking mechanisms to maximize portability and versatility.  The Standio Portable includes both stand-alone single design units, however by connecting multiple units using the unique locking mechanism, you create the perfect borderless 16:9 video wall displays up to 220”.  

The line-up additionally includes the outdoor Standio Street displays designed to bring your bright, high-resolution advertising message directly to the street, as well as the new Standio Board for educational or corporate interactive sharing. The Standio products incorporate the company’s newest modular aluminum panel design, resulting in a thin, sleek lightweight panel and bezel design to maximize the viewing surface. 

Taylor Hunter, the president of Impactrum, says, “We are excited to now offer a powerful line of flexible, portable large LED displays.  The desire for portable movable large displays continues to grow and we are in the forefront with technology and unique designs to best address this market” He adds, “We are excited and looking forward to further developing our sales distribution network with these leading Standio products. “

Visit www.impactrumusa.com for more information about Impactrum, Inc., and the new Standio products.

For sales distribution partnership inquiries call 888-228-8616 x102 or partnerships@impactrumusa.com

Impactrum, Inc. serves commercial LED display and video display customers worldwide.  Market focus includes hospitality, digital signage, rental, systems integration, healthcare, education, government and industrial markets. Impactrum has dedicated the last 37 years solely to LED development and design.  As a leading worldwide LED display technology engineering company, Impactrum developed industry firsts and has enabled many of their clients to shape their products and bring their technology dreams to reality.  Impactrum, for the first time, will be releasing their own new product designs directly to the worldwide market. 

Impactrum, Inc. is a privately held US-based manufacturer of LCD and LED displays out of Anaheim, Ca. with Korean based manufacturing and engineering teams.

For more information, please visit www.impactrumusa.com

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