Impact Entrepreneur Launches Online Academy & Corporate Partnership

05/25/2020 08:00 - WASHINGTON D.C - (PR Distribution™)

Greatness Learned Academy offers online courses to professionals worldwide.

Impact Entrepreneur and Professional Development Guru, Christine Sanni, has recently launched the next step for business professionals looking to give meaning to their work and scale their impact with the Greatness Learned Academy.

The courses offer insight into multiple aspects of business, entrepreneurship, and professional development. Courses ranging from “Leadership and Decision Making” to “Meditation” and “Marketing” are taught by a hand-selected group of passionate instructors, giving students a cutting edge in achieving their business goals by finding their purpose and utilizing their abilities to their full potential.

Students can consume unlimited access to all courses for just $10/month as a subscription. 

The company continues to expand upon their vision through innovation to meet the needs of its consumers and now Corporate Partners. 

This month Christine Sanni announced that the platform has opened its doors to Corporate Partnerships in response to the rising unemployment rates and the current environment of the workforce. 

“Now more than ever, it is important for us to meet the needs of all people and help organizations keep their workforce engaged and at their highest performance level.”

“Prior to this historic event, over 80% of the world’s workforce reported that they are disengaged at work. And now organizations are faced with keeping their workforce engaged while they work remotely. Greatness Learned Academy will support our Corporate Partners in this effort.” 

“We want our students to not just have access to courses; We want to level the playing field. We want to shorten the learning curve and bring relevant and life-changing content to their everyday situation. Students from all over the world will consume content that is designed to build awareness of what’s possible,” she said, “It is designed to create opportunity and pave paths forward that are meaningful and necessary to thrive in this decade and beyond.”

“We will serve a generation of people that know they have something to give and seek to develop and grow their skills,” Sanni said, “We aren’t looking to make a splash, we are looking to create lasting change for humanity. If this event has taught us anything, it’s taught us that we need people. We need people who know who they are and what they can give. Greatness Learned will lead the next generation of change-makers, and we will create not just our legacy, but generations of legacy worldwide.”

“My journey has not been easy, but nothing good comes easy,” she said. “These courses are built without walls and without invisible ceilings, to remove as many barriers as we can for our consumers.”

“Time, money, and access are well-known roadblocks for many worldwide. We have removed those restrictions by bringing affordable, flexible, and accessible online courses to market.”

The platform is positioned to scale in impact as it grows a global community, serving students and corporations worldwide. 

“The platform will continue to build its library of courses, offering new content each month for its subscribers,” Sanni said.

The platform will not limit the type of courses offered.

“Our content will remain relevant, timely, and will move our students and corporations forward, irrespective of the time,” Sanni said. “This is our differentiator.”

“The students will learn from a diverse community of instructors, as we pave way for those that are passionate about teaching to gain access to students who are passionate about learning,” Sanni said. 

More about the academy including previews of the individual courses can be found at https://greatnesslearnedacademy.christinesanni.com/

Sanni is currently scheduling interviews and can be reached by phone at 800-209-9753 or by email at book@christinesanni.com.

Early Reviews

Greatness learned Academy is a game-changer! I am so impressed by the quality of these courses! I am always one to invest in continuous learning and for a $10 per month subscription, this platform is a steal! I love that the platform adds new fresh courses each month.

I am really enjoying learning through the Greatness Learned Academy!

About Christine Sanni

More than just an author and a coach, Sanni has put into practice her teachings through diverse business ventures including serving as the CEO of ConservGeo, a company that works to invest in green assets worldwide; founder of Greatness Learned, a self-learning platform that helps individuals find the power within themselves to accomplish their goals; and an impact investor focused on startups that are human-focused, driving sustainable innovation consciously.

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