How To Uplevel Your Brand From A Corporate Vibe Into A Professional Powerhouse

2018-11-13 13:53:14 - NEW YORK, NY - (PR Distribution™)

With women dominating the entrepreneurial landscape, finding their unique version for success is crucial. Yet far too many female-founded businesses are failing because they fall into the old corporate business model without even knowing it. From taking on masculine roles, trying to beat the “boys,” or simply trying to be “Superwomen”- these corporate traits to success won’t bring the entrepreneurial freedom and success they are looking for.


On this week’s Episode of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®, we show the transformation of two amazing brands going from the corporate Superwoman driven mind to powerful, holistic, and on point visual and verbal esthetic brands. Already successful women in their own right, this international author and former executive of an international corporation - the transformation that both Sylvia Becker-Hill and Cassandra Shepard underwent was all-encompassing for themselves and their brands.


By showing and sharing the how and why of Cassandra Shepard’s ( transformation from side hustle to successful professionally while breaking her free of the corporate mindset, look, and tone personally - we share with the audience how to break free from the social stories of what success looks and feels like- aka hard, masculine, aggressive, and loud.


And with Sylvia Becker-Hill’s ( personal as well as professional ( ) transformation, we show the viewers that there is a way to have the smart message, the beautiful look, the life of your dreams, as well as a brand that make bank.


“What is amazing about the transformation of both Shepard and Becker-Hill is that for them to uplevel their businesses it was just as much as a personal evolution as a professional one. They had to be willing to open their minds and hearts to a new perspective and visual embodiment of their work.” says Ali Craig host and lead brander for the show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig, “ And with the Becker-Hill  Women’s Empowerment School Winter Quarter ( ) launch well underway and Cassandra Shepard’s private entrepreneurial ( and ) and corporate ( ) client list growing daily these women are fullying embodying their brands and their work on a new level.”


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