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It takes seven seconds from when an idea comes up into your subconscious mind to go over to the logical side of life. This means that there are seven seconds between the time your customer has made up their mind and when they are consciously aware of their choice. 

Your brand can be in the genesis of the idea that is formed in your audience’s subconscious mind. They never need to think of your brand logically. Your brand can fulfill a deeper need and in turn hold a deeper significance in your audience’s life beyond just being a brand. 

Being relationship focused allows you to create your own social proof with your audience.

When your brand is relationship-focused, your audience wants ways to share you and show their influence to their friends.

The social proof is in the relationship. So build the relationship and the social proof will come.

On this weekly ritual series, the 7 Second Switch, host Ali Craig brings you topics all around how to truly create a brand that will tap into those seven seconds so that your audience isn't just loving you and liking what you do, but they're truly in a relationship with you.

We talk about Neuro Human Branding™ (https://neurohumanbranding.pro) and how you can use science and psychology to your brand's advantage. Tap into your brand's greatest strength, which is your brand relationship between you and your ideal audience.

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