How Contractors Have Streamlined Their Business with Online Project Management Software

03/14/2019 16:00 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - (PR Distribution™)

Contractors are starting to welcome in new technologies to help improve their operational efficiency

Construction contracting has long been known as a staple of the blue-collar industry - where getting your hands dirty and physical labor is just part of the job. When most people think about construction contractors, they don’t think about them as being leaders of incorporating forward-thinking technology solutions into their operations. But now, things are changing.

Contractors have recognized the growing necessity for online project management software for their businesses. These software applications allow them to simplify the operating process with document and picture storage, estimating, budgeting, job costing and a streamlined financial process.

In other words, it makes things easier and more accurate, which helps these contractors become more confident in running their businesses.

 “The client is starting to understand their financials, and trust their numbers – so they’re able to make educated decisions about where to take their business– instead of avoiding them completely,” says Karine Woodman, CEO of 24hr Bookkeeper, a bookkeeping service provider in Hibbing, “They now understand what the accounts mean, and can start looking for patterns and identify issues before they destroy their business,” Woodman continues.

 As contractors’ businesses grow and as their customer base expands, more and more information is needed to be documented and tracked. Bookkeeping services allow these contractors to focus less on worrying about all the tiny, minute details that go into the finances of each project. Instead, they can spend their time making sure that the job gets done in time with a high-quality result.

 From a marketing standpoint, these software and technology updates can be beneficial for these contractors as well. It’s a great selling point to be able to tell homeowners that your operations are up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Going forward, look for more contractors to start implementing.

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