Hottest Peppers Picked 100% Ripe and Flown to Chef’s Cutting Boards in 24 Hours

07/15/2019 16:00 - United States, Texas, Houston - (PR Distribution™)

Ripe habanera peppers are hotter and of great value to top chef’s. Turf Feeding Systems will grow Very Hot Organic Habanera Peppers in Yucatan Mexico and ship them at peak ripeness and taste by FedEx to restaurants, hotels, resorts and cruise ships around the World.

Ripe, hot and organic habanera peppers are of great value to top chefs around the world, and Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas company will change the pepper game launching a new special organic farm in the Yucatan near Cancun Mexico to grow very hot peppers.

Chef’s love hot habanera peppers, but most are picked early and shipped by containers never reaching their ripe hot taste. But, Turf Feeding Systems is starting a new farm that will use their specia organic growing system to grow the hottest organic habanera peppers in the world.

Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems explains, “We will grow the hottest, richest organic habanera peppers on the planet using the sun and heat of the Yucatan in open fields not greenhouses.  Strong sunlight grows the best hot peppers. We have developed a special open field hydroponic system to organically grow the hottest peppers, then pick them at 100% ripeness and ship them by FedEx to top chefs anywhere in 24 hours.”

The farm will be over 200 hectares and near Cancun for air cargo access worldwide. Habanera peppers are native to the Yucatan region, which offers great sun, talented labor and abundant water to grow very hot peppers.

Chaplinsky concludes, “The organic farm will use our special growing system that treats the water, soil and air to create a probiotic sanctuary.  A farm without disease and insects to damage the plants.   We make the plants happy, which sounds crazy, but it really works. .  Plants grow faster, healthier and produce more peppers. It’s best growing technology for peppers and other row crops. We can grow organically at production volume that beats chemical farms.”

The project will break ground and start next month and other exotic organic foods will be added next year. 

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