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06/20/2019 19:07 - United States, Arizona, Phoenix - (PR Distribution™)

Zippr Energy is a start-up personal energy supplement producer, made in the USA. The Phoenix company has started an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign. The Zippr Energy tablets are equivalent to major well known energy drinks. The advantages are cost, convenience, and not having a crash. It is the perfect energy supplement for when it is not practical to have a drink. Like outdoor enthusiasts and natural disaster relief workers. As part of the fundraising campaign we feature perks that you can direct go to relief workers, starting at $10.00. Zippr Energy wants to support all relief workers if possible. However, the primary group to be supported are the Hot Shots fighting forest fires. These heroes work twelve hours or more a day, often more. If they are employed full time year round they only make around $30,000 per year. Zippr can help them get through the day with more energy and concentration. To help go to: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zippr-energy-tablets--4#/ 


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