Heartwarming Web Series ‘Sister Talk’ Debuts to Challenge Stereotypes of Black Canadian Women on TV

2020-08-18 18:23:32 - Montreal - (PR Distribution™)

The new talk show spotlights a diverse group of women for fun, thought-provoking and unfiltered conversations.

MONTREAL, QC Aug. 18, 2020 - Highlighting the candid conversations surrounding issues impacting women, talk show host and producer, Cindy Charles’ latest heartwarming web series entitled ‘Sister Talk’, is set to air Tuesdays on YouTube and Facebook Watch. Inspired by the concept of a “girls’ night in”, each of the ten episodes features four Black women coming together over a glass of wine to tackle universal issues facing women and young girls today from relationships and sexuality to body image, parenting, and race. 

Filmed in an intimate loft setting, the twenty minute-long episodes are hosted by Charles, who moderates a free-flowing conversation with three of her close friends, Cherizar Walker, Anne-Lovely Etienne, and Drea Wheeler, career women from diverse backgrounds including fitness, engineering, and journalism. Random, unpredictable questions are chosen out of a bowl to provoke the most authentic conversations. The tone of the show is a blend of humorous, emotional, and thought-provoking. Viewers can expect to be drawn in by the raw honesty and unscripted programming. 

“I wanted to show a less common representation of Black women on TV. There are plenty of elegant Black women out there who are articulate, hold university degrees and have impressive careers. The absence of leading roles for women of colour in Canadian programming was a huge motivation for me in developing the show,” explained Charles.

Despite Canada’s reputation for cultural inclusion and diversity, Canadian TV remains largely represented by White characters with programming still inadequately reflecting the 22% of Canadians who are people of colour. With hopes to capture the interest of major Canadian television networks, such as Bell Media, Global, or CBC, the ‘Sister Talk’ pilot series is packed with authentic and unapologetic conversations that transcend race, sexuality, and age, exploring the common experience of womanhood. 

“I am proud to produce a show that talks openly about important issues affecting Black lives, and challenging the stereotypical representation of women especially during such a transformative time we are currently living through,” explained Charles. 

Independently produced by Charles’ very own production company, Collectively Beautiful, her mission is to go beyond the social limits and stereotypes placed upon women.. Filmed and edited by a female-owned video production company, B Scene Media Inc., Charles’ leaves no stone unturned in her quest to spotlight marginalized talent on screen and behind the lens. Her first web series “Couch Talk”, featured a series of one-on-one conversations with a number of successful local businesswomen, who discussed what inspired and motivated them on their respective roads to success.

Subscribe to the Official Sister Talk YouTube channel and watch the teaser and full episodes here: 


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