HealthGAINS Offers First Responders Free Immune Boosting Treatments to Support Their Efforts Against COVID-19

03/18/2020 16:00 - AVENTURA, FL - (PR Distribution™)

HealthGAINS is on a mission to assist first responders in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in their efforts to defend our communities against the coronavirus. Beginning today any Broward or Miami-Dade police officer, firefighter or EMS will receive a complimentary B12 injection at our facility in Aventura, Florida until the end of March.

During this pandemic, first responders are exposing themselves to this extremely infectious disease in their effort to keep our communities safe. As a result, their immune systems will be put at risk during these interactions with those who have been exposed to the virus. 

“Our first responders are risking their lives every single day, and now an even heavier burden has been placed on their shoulders. They’re helping all of us, and we should be doing everything in our power to help them. The B12 injection will strengthen their body’s defenses,” shares HealthGAINS CEO, Mark L. White. “My goal with this initiative is not just to support our local heroes, but to inspire other companies across the nation to help their communities,” adds White. 

Research and data support the crucial role Vitamin B12 plays in the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, these treatments have been associated with increasing mental acuity, energy, and stress management. 

At this time, we recognize there is no cure to this new strain of coronavirus, and no completely effective way to prevent infection. That said, we believe that it falls on all of us to support these brave men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis for the good of our communities.

Any first responder (EMS, Police and Firefighter) that is interested in receiving a free treatment need only call our dedicated hotline here at HealthGAINS (305-964-8505) and our team will work with them to get them treated quickly. HealthGAINS is located at 2920 NE 207th St Suite 901, Aventura, FL 33180.

Since 2003, HealthGAINS has served South Florida as a leading concierge facility specializing in personalized health solutions. HealthGAINS offers optimal wellness solutions for high performers and helps its patients optimize their health.

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