Hat Heaven Partners With Afterpay For Flexible Online Purchases

02/23/2020 10:00 - BRONX, NY - (PR Distribution™)

Hat Heaven and Afterpay collaborates to enable shoppers to purchase Hat Heaven products in four interest-free payments. 

Brian Chun from Hat Heaven today announced a partnership with Afterpay. The innovative digital platform allows online shoppers to split their purchases into four interest-free installments. Each installment is due every two weeks. The first installment will be paid upon the time of purchase and the remainder over time.

The new partnership with Afterpay is a critical brand investment as it allows Hat Heaven to attract and serve a broader millennial audience. By aligning with their existing and potential customers' purchasing patterns and offering more efficient ways to shop, the company can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Hat Heaven chose to work with Afterpay because a wide variety of reputable merchants utilize and trust the platform. In addition to having a solid reputation, the technology-driven payments company's network is vast and wide. It can provide all parties plenty of options to enhance the overall online shopping experience. For example, other payments platform implements an initial verification process that may take up several business days. Afterpay, however, has a signup process that only takes about a minute or two. 

Speed and convenience are important in the world of fashion goods. New arrivals of headwear may be sold out in a matter of minutes. At Hat Heaven, we do not want our customers to be limited by their immediate financial situation. "We are concerned that some of our customers missed out on certain releases because they couldn’t pay immediately," said Brian Chun. "In order to prevent further disappointment among customers, we needed to implement the right payment portal that allows them to purchase what they truly want. Even if Hat Heaven needs to pay a premium to Afterpay, we are 100 percent on board. If customers are happy, our company is happy as well."

Sezzle and Klarna are a couple of payments processors that require a credit check before one can utilize their services. Afterpay, however, doesn't check its users' credit scores. This is another benefit that caught Hat Heaven's attention. We strive to protect our customers as much as possible. The last thing we need is our customers suffering over credit score issues after placing an order with us. 

Afterpay is also our No.1 choice because the platform provides excellent customer service for both merchants and customers alike. Utilizing a solution that has minimal complaints and an excellent image are beneficial for Hat Heaven's branding as well. 

About Hat Heaven

Hat Heaven was founded in 1986 and had a simple mission: to design and manufacture premium headwear. Today, the family-owned and operated company continues to operate with this ethos. Hat Heaven's headwear collections are recognized for their contemporary and traditional colorways, ever-changing array of innovative materials, and reflection of current and future fashion trends. In addition, the company's brick-and-mortar stores have been in the South Bronx for over three decades. Hat Heaven also carries a comprehensive range of brands, including New Era, Mitchell and Ness, 47 Brand, Field Grade, and KBETHOS®.

About Afterpay Limited

Formerly known as Afterpay Touch Group Limited, Afterpay Limited is an Australia-based technology platform company that was established in 2017. Retail services, as well as mobility and payments are two of the company's main business units. Afterpay's ability to bridge the gap between end customers and retail merchants has driven significant success for the organization over the years. 

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