Halloween Empire Online Introduces Generous Affiliate Marketing Program

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - ROUND ROCK, TEXAS - (PR Distribution™)

Halloween Empire Online Introduces Generous Affiliate Marketing Program

Tony Nwoko, CEO of Halloween Empire Online, offers insight into their new affiliate marketing program offering a full 20 percent commission using ShareASale’s innovative technology.

Halloween Empire Online (www.halloweenempireonline.com), one of the nation’s premier retailers of Halloween costumes, accessories and props, has announced a generous affiliate marketing program through ShareASale. The program features full flexibility for affiliate marketers, access to an account manager and impressive profits for active users.

Nwoko stresses the time and effort put into finding and establishing an affiliate program that benefits users as well as Halloween Empire. The ShareASale template for affiliate programs fits the bill and has met with enthusiastic response from a wide range of businesses and websites since its introduction on the company’s website.

Nwoko explains, “When we decided to offer an affiliate marketing opportunity to others, we knew we didn’t want something generic or unsatisfying for users. It had to be easy to use for purchasers who would click through to our store and easy to set up for our partners. If they aren’t satisfied and aren’t making money, they have no reason to continue working with us. We did a lot of industry research before choosing ShareASale to promote our Halloween costumes and accessories. When we found them, we knew we’d found the program that would work for us and our partners.”

“There are several advantages to our program that we’re confident users will be impressed with. First, it’s fully customizable. Affiliates will have the opportunity to choose between an impressive array of options for their links. They can go as big as they want with buttons, links or banners and even utilize a variety of special offers and seasonal links to keep their affiliate program fresh all year round. By keeping things new and taking novel approaches using the ShareASale system, our affiliates will reap greater rewards.”

“We’re also very proud of the generous commission we offer on all purchases of Halloween costumes and accessories,” Nwoko continues. “While others may offer anywhere from five to fifteen percent commission on each sale, we offer a full 20 percent commission on every sale. It’s one of the best in the industry and our success reflects that. We already have three hundred affiliates and the numbers grow every month. We use thirty day cookies to ensure everyone in our program gets full credit if someone clicks through from their website, even if the person doesn’t make a purchase until a month after they initially browsed. It’s our way of ensuring everyone wins.”

About Halloween Empire Online: Halloween Empire Online is an online retailer of high-end Halloween costumes,decorations and accessories. Find everything you need to transform you and your home this Halloween from our extensive line of apparel, costumes, wigs, jewelry and more. We carry a full inventory of holiday-themed costumes year round for every event. Our customer service team is ready to help you put together the perfect costume for your next celebration or haunting.


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