Guide Dog School Utilizes Wearable Sensor Technology to Reduce Work-Related Injuries and Improve Employee Health

08/07/2019 09:00 - CENTENNIAL, CO - (PR Distribution™)

An industry-leading guide dog school was experiencing an increasing number of work-related musculoskeletal injuries shortening the length of their trainers’ careers. This was particularly troubling because the company was struggling to retain trainers longer than ?ve years and losing signi?cant money due to the costly nature of training new team members.

With the support of company management, Briotix Health designed a customized worker health program using cutting-edge wearable sensor technology to optimize trainer performance and decrease the risk of on-the-job injuries. 

Over the eight-week program, participants experienced signi?cant improvements in their functional movement and risk for chronic illness. Employees improved their functional body movement by 11.11% and reduced the risk of developing a chronic disease by 12.5%. 

The Briotix Health provider who worked with the employees shared, “A person’s functional movement is directly related to their risk for musculoskeletal injury. With this program, we were able to use personalized data from wearable sensors to create individualized wellness plans that significantly improved their functional movement reducing their risk of workplace injury. Additionally, employees saw a decrease of risk for developing a chronic disease which is a leading indicator of improved overall health.”

Due to the success of the program, the company expanded the role of the Briotix Health providers to include our comprehensive Industrial Sports Medicine™ service line.


At Briotix Health, we build relationships with you and your workforce to deliver meaningful results in employee health.  We focus on musculoskeletal injury and disability prevention; leveraging customized next-generation technology to optimize results.  Our three areas of focus are Industrial Sports Medicine, Office Ergonomics & Health and Specialized Solutions.

Briotix Health clients include many Fortune 500 companies and their global operations and a significant number of the largest insurers and their proxies. Based in the United States, the company services clients throughout the United States and in more than 63 countries.

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