Grand Way Knife: The Greatest Creation and The Best Seller

2022-12-22 20:00:00 - Woodmere, United States - (PR Distribution™)

“What makes a perfect knife?” - a controversial question on which many knife enthusiasts couldn't agree, but that was all up until now. After years of knife-crafting experience and careful examination of our customers’ needs, we are happy to present you with the ultimate outdoor solution that will never leave you in doubt. Reliable, practical, and stylish - please, welcome our greatest creation and the Best Seller, Grand Way Knife 6681. https://bit.ly/GrandWay_03

Just think back to all the times your knife proved to be useless or just unsuitable for its duties. “Strong, but too big to carry”, “compact, yet fragile”, and “cool, but unpractical” – that’s just a small portion of issues knife users usually face. But what if I told you that your hunt for the ideal tool is now over, and you no longer need to pack a bunch of different knives for your adventurous activities? 

Built by experienced professionals in the field, Grand Way 6681 is designed to meet all possible needs of our clients. GW 6681 is a compact spring-assisted folding knife that deploys the blade with a flick of the thumb. The simple minimalistic design of the knife together with its robustness provided by the black-coated high-quality 440C stainless steel, creates an ideal combination of strength, longevity, and style, making it a fantastic companion for everyday activities or self-defense purposes in emergency situations. https://bit.ly/GrandWay_03

Semi-automatic tools are currently trending in the knife industry and knives with spring assists like GW 6681 are in high demand for hunters, fishermen, tourists, and perfectly suits for everyday urban wearing. The 7.75-inch overall knife length (3.42-inch blade alone), reduced density, and other characteristics of our knife contribute to its practicality and versatility. The blade itself is made of stainless steel 440C - classic knife steel, which is used for the production of knives for over 50 years. The "plus" of the material is the toughness and the ability to "hold" the cutting edge for a long time. Some other features include a convenient handle shape, a pocket clip, and thumb studs for both right and left-handed users. Another important advantage – in case of spring damage, the knife retains its absolute functionality and you can continue using it as an ordinary folding knife. 

A good balance between the knife's hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening. 6681 delivers exceptional durability and razor-sharp cutting performance. Since the safety of our customers is our main priority, the knife has a simple and reliable liner lock that is resistant to dirt and prevents unexpected closure. Lightweight but at the same time robust construction makes this tool an excellent companion - It’s just a must-have for outdoorsy people.  https://bit.ly/GrandWay_03

GW 6681 is the knife that won’t let you down. We prioritize quality and innovation to make sure your needs are met. No matter where and how Grand Way knives always ensure the job is done. No more relying on luck when you can rely on Grand Way!

Please visit Grand Way at:  https://bit.ly/GrandWay_03

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