Gopher Leads Flies into "Wingmate"?

2019-05-03 18:36:28 - TORONTO, ON, CANADA - (PR Distribution™)

Gopher Leads, North America’s leading provider of frontline intelligence software, has completed its transformation into Wingmate. Through a mobile app and web dashboard, Wingmate makes it easy to route intelligence from the field to the office in seconds.

“We’ve already found enormous success in connecting the frontline to sales seamlessly by allowing drivers to share warm leads while earning rewards. For us, Wingmate is the next level of the brand. We think of eagles in the sky, homing pigeons gathering information and ultimately out-teaming the competition”, says Matt Leuschner, Managing Director of Wingmate based in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Offering software as a service consisting of a mobile app and a customer relationship management system, Wingmate expands its services to include sales resources in the form of a dedicated Pipeline Manager and an affiliate program which provides the ability to crowdsource warm referrals.

Transforming companies ranging from Fortune 500s to small family businesses, Wingmate is quickly becoming a sales necessity in the commercial laundry and textile rental, delivery, telecommunication and environmental services industries.

With a focus on unlocking untapped potential, Wingmate will be featured on a panel at WasteExpo in Las Vegas, with Leuschner presenting on May 6, 2019 at 10:30 am in Room S227.

“It’s very exciting to continue Gopher’s journey into Wingmate, and we’re dedicated to providing the same high standard of support,” says Leuschner. “It’s been a busy few months with the rebrand and preparing for the expo as well as other upcoming conventions, and we couldn’t be happier to see Wingmate grow.” 

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