Go Fund Me Censorship Targeting Free Speech

01/18/2021 16:12 - UNITED STATES, - (PR Distribution™)

CEO of The New Internet Elizabeth Heng  said “I am furious GoFundMe.com just banned the fundraising campaign for my new Freedom of Speech company called ‘The New Internet’ which was raising thousands of dollars before they shut it down.” It’s an online freedom of speech browser platform that allows users to make comments on every social media post, handle and website. 

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Once again, Big Tech is trying to crush any platform or speech that threatens their chokehold on how we as Americans communicate, what we say and where we are allowed to say it. This is the third time these Tech giants have stifled my voice. When I ran for Congress in 2018 and simply wanted to tell my family’s American Dream story of coming to the United States as penniless refugees, Facebook and Twitter banned my ability to advertise this campaign calling my family’s story of living through genocide ‘obscene’ and ‘obnoxious’. 

I have been fighting this war since my voice and many others was censored when I ran for Congress and it is my mission to ensure that we, the people, will always hold on to our American values that allow people to express themselves freely. So, I worked with a team to build a platform to give a voice to those that feel voiceless.

But now, Big Tech and Silicone Valley billionaires are banding together to ensure that no speech is free, and outside of their ability to control. Removing The New Internet from Go Fund Me is the opening salvo in the war of censorship. I have fought this fight before… and won. Through The New Internet, I am determined to continue this fight -- speak truth to power, give a voice to the voiceless and never allow our freedom of speech to be controlled or silenced by out of touch tech billionaires and their monopolistic companies. 

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