Global Empowerment Mission in Partnership with Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong Initiative Align with NCS Group for Natural Disaster + COVID-19 Relief Efforts

2021-02-17 04:05:00 - Miami, FL - (PR Distribution™)

(Miami, FL / Los Angeles, CA -- February 17 2021) - NCS Group launches official aid alliance with Global Empowerment Mission and Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong Initiative through GEM. This partnership will provide trucking fleet support to their phases of COVID-19 Relief and ongoing Disaster Relief efforts. NCS is a global lifestyle group, led by Entrepreneur Ignas Jurkonis, with a focus on doing good and thought leadership.  Their fleet of 500 U.S. based trucks in strategic alliance with Unlimited Carrier, will now be supporting the national trucking needs for Global Empowerment Mission’s BStrong Initiatives as of 2021.

The LATEST mission is happening this week in Miami at their GEM distribution center on February 17th, 2021 via NCS Group transport, and includes 42 pallets of 26,000 hand sanitizers per pallet being moved and distributed totaling therefore over 1 million bottles of hand sanitizer.  The transport mission is also inclusive of “BStrong family kits” filled with food necessities for the U.S. COVID-19 crisis, totaling over 1,000 family boxes for each truckload to serve roughly 5,000 people per truck. 

A BStrong family pack, serving an average family of 5, will consist of the following: 20 lb bags of rice, Assortment of 1-2, 2 lbs bags of beans (black, kidney, white),  1-2 lbs bag of oats, Assortment of protein bars, Immuse Immune Boosters, Hydration Kits, Hygiene supplies (dry shampoo, pack of bars of soap, etc.), 5 toothbrushes + Toothpaste, 5 masks, gloves & large hand sanitizer. For a family of two (couple), it includes: 10 lbs bag of rice, 1 lbs bag of beans (black, kidney, white), 1 lbs bag of oats, an assortment of protein bars, Immuse Immune Boosters, Hydration Kits , Hygiene supplies (dry shampoo, pack of bars of soap, etc.), 2 toothbrushes + Toothpaste, 2 masks, gloves & 8 oz hand sanitizers. 

These will be helping families in not only the U.S. but in Latin America, South America and the Caribbean. The U.S. box will include all the above items plus delivery partners will also typically receive fresh foods and/or canned foods in addition, based on location in the U.S.  

Global Empowerment Mission in partnership with BStrong responded in the first phase, disaster relief, by providing millions of articles of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to hundreds of facilities. Due to the lack of PPE in the marketplace, BStrong worked directly with manufacturers and distributors to provide PPE to those on the frontlines of the Coronavirus Pandemic. To date they have serviced over 782 facilities inclusive of hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, Police and Fire Depts., Military bases, funeral homes, and more. 

To date, over 4.2 million PPE items have been distributed, inclusive of over 1.2 million masks, over 20,000 Corona kits, over 368,000 hand sanitizer bottles, plus gloves, 1,109,058 hazmat suits, 1.3 million syringes, and more.

Now, with the support of NCS Group and their Unlimited Carrier fleet, thousands of perishable food products plus continued transport of PPE items like hand sanitizer will be further brought to destinations that were unable to be reached before in the U.S.  Missions have already been launched to transport fresh produce from California to areas in need within the country via NCS’ refrigerated fleet, as well as thousands of hand sanitizer products to support COVID-19 support efforts. In addition, NCS Group has also brought freight consisting of Clif Bars, Crocs, and more, that shipped to Honduras to support those dealing with disaster relief via trucking loads NCS transported from New York to the shipping container port in Miami, since the partnership kicked off in early January 2021.

We are absolutely thrilled to have this partnership with NCS Group. It is absolutely critical to get life saving aid to people in real time when needed. Our headquarters are fully stocked and prepared year round to sustain significantly sized communities that are suffering from COVID-19 or natural disasters. With this partnership, we will be able to get these supplies directly into communities immediately anywhere in the country.” - Michael Capponi, President, Global Empowerment Mission 

NCS leader and CEO Ignas Jurkonis is a U.S. based entrepreneur, businessman, consultant, and top executive. His primary focus is on company value turnarounds, combining traditional industries and modern management philosophies. Ignas is known for his support of young entrepreneurs, multiple social projects, and non-profit activity. Currently, under his formed NCS Group, Ignas is leading and developing a group of companies through a series of M&A acting as a priority freight forwarder and visionary supply chain solution for Fortune 500 companies, also inclusive of notable brands like Walgreens, Boots Alliance, 3M, GlaxoSmithKline across the U.S. market.

It is my honor to work with such an amazing nonprofit organization that has assisted in missions all over the world. We are proud to be their transportation partner in restoring hope across America as disaster responders.“  - Ignas Jurkonis, CEO + Leader,  NCS Group

Ignas Jurkonis has always actively been involved in charity and non-profit events and organizations, both in the U.S. and overseas. In 2020 Ignas has actively supported the fight with COVID-19 providing U.S. hospitals with free freight services. In March of, 2020, Unlimited Carrier Inc., under the NCS Group umbrella, based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, dedicated more than 50 Trucks to Transport Medical Supplies to Hospitals Free of Charge under the direction of Jurkonis. The new alignment with Global Empowerment Mission and BStrong to help both COVID-19 efforts and the widespread disasters like fires in need of relief are now in motion to bring aid support.

Mission Images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rt0FtCGJUugzr96Edl6DPyDSOuFtP9f4

Photo credit: Courtesy of NCS Group

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