Gary L. Smith Releases New Book On Finding Your Purpose And Living Your Dream Life

2020-09-21 19:45:54 - Southington - (PR Distribution™)

Southington, CT - John Maxwell Certified Coach and David Ramsey Certified Financial Coach, Gary L. Smith, announces the release his fourth book “Purpose Driven Achievement”. The newly released title is a catalyst for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and those simply looking to live their best life, to discover their purpose and achieve their dreams.

Gary L. Smith Featured On The Money Girl Podcast

Recently featured on the Money Girl Podcast, Gary L. Smith has already reached millions with his message of purpose driven achievement. Hosted by personal finance expert, Lara D. Abrams, the Money Girl Podcast breaks down financial topics in an easy-to-digest format. Thus, it provided the perfect platform for Smith to share his message of Purpose Driven Achievement.  On the podcast, Abrams and Smith discussed how the book can act as a guide to help readers discover their unique purpose. Smith explains that once you discover your purpose, you will naturally be more driven in every area of your life:

”Purpose is the fulcrum that leverages success. The stronger the purpose, the more leverage you have. It's that simple."

Gary L. Smith

Aside from helping readers discover their purpose, “Purpose Driven Achievement” can help readers resolve their financial issues and rebound from financial setbacks. Once cleared of financial hurdles, they are much more likely to reach their personal life goals. Thus, the book acts as a step-by-step guide to helping readers discover their purpose, rebound from financial hardship, and create an actionable plan to achieving personal, financial, or entrepreneurial success.

About Gary L. Smith

With over twenty years of experience as a personal, business, and investment coach Gary L. Smith is reaching his sweet spot in helping others find financial success. The author of four books, including: “The Shepard and the Princess” - a book about learning to dream and removing the barriers standing between you and the life you've always wanted; “Achieving Unusual Greatness” - a "how to" book on personal and leadership development; and “The Customer Conundrum: 9 Crucial Steps For Winning Customers and Outsmarting Your Competition - which lives up to it’s title; Smith’s life’s work has been dedicated to helping others find monetary success and personal fulfillment.

Avoiding Pitfalls And Achieving Success

Gary L. Smith has been in the business world for over 45 years and has learned what it takes to succeed. With Smith’s help, entrepreneurs and business owners can take years off the time it would otherwise take to reach their financial goals. Smith specializes in helping individuals avoid financial pitfalls and creating an achievement system that will propel them toward their desired success. Drawing on his four decades of experience, Smith saves his coaching clients from the hassle and heartache of avoidable business mistakes.

A John Maxwell Certified Coach and David Ramsey Certified Financial Coach, Smith graduated from Brigham Young University and earned his MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Smith and his wife of 44 years live in Southington, Connecticut.

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