GamersOrigin Endorses Ivacy as the Best Gaming VPN

2019-09-25 12:19:32 - Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

Ivacy VPN is at the forefront of securing cybersecurity partnerships that either makes users feel secure on the web or facilitates them in achieving online objectives.

If you are an avid gamer, Ivacy comes bearing glad tidings. Ivacy has partnered with GamersOrigin,one of Europe’s biggest e-sports club. Rest assured, e-sports will never be the same ever again!

What is GamersOrigin?

GamersOrigin is a gaming club that features seven teams and involves 23 players. As a community GamersOrigin is growing significantly. The fact that GamersOrigin carried out a fundraiser for 3 million euros in 2019 goes to show the potential it packs.

GamersOrigin participates in tournaments around the globe featuring games like Street Fighter, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Fortnite, Soulcalibur, etc. Seeing the club’s potential for spreading the word for internet freedom, security and privacy, it was only logical for GamersOrigin and Ivacy VPN to join hands for the greater good.

The strategic alliance between Ivacy VPN and GamersOrigin is meant to bring the e-sports community together, offer protection on all gaming platforms and lastly, make games available without geographical restrictions.

How Does Best VPN for Gaming help?

Ivacy VPN can do wonders for gamers worldwide. Here’s what Ivacy brings to the table.

  • Protection against DDoS attacks

The Best gaming VPN will help you stay protected against distributed denial of service, AKA DDoS attacks. It is usually carried out by gamers to slow your internet connection down or to completely annihilate it - all this, in order to gain a competitive advantage in the world of online gaming.

With Best VPN for gaming enabled, your system remains free from DDoS attacks. What happens is that extensive traffic and unwarranted amount of data is sent your way (IP) during a DDoS attack. It crumbles your network and you sit there without a clue as to what hit you.

  • Be the first to grab your favorite title

Certain games are released a little later in different regions. The release may be a month away from where you are currently residing. But with the Best gaming VPN at your disposal, you will not have to wait ever again.

Simply employ Ivacy VPN and connect to a location where the particular game has already been released. Choose from over 1000+ servers spread across 100+ locations all over the world. Once the purchase is complete, you can play your favorite title right away!

Find the Best VPN for gaming on a wide array of devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, consoles and so on so forth. The whole world becomes your playground.

  • Bid farewell to bandwidth throttling

Bandwidth throttling occurs when the ISP holds back the desired internet speed that makes a game run smoothly without any lags. ISPs are known to limit speeds to conserve on the bandwidth and avoid possible server crashes. But that’s not your concern.

The best VPN for gaming encrypts your internet traffic thereby letting you enjoy games at full speed and in stutter-free fashion.

Additional benefits offered by Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is regarded as the ‘Fastest VPN’ provider, and was awarded the same in 2019 by, therefore, in terms of speed you can count on Best VPN for gaming to satisfy your need for online gaming.

Furthermore, West Ham United – one of the leading and oldest football clubs of the English Premier League also endorsed Ivacy as its official VPN partner.

No matter in which country you are situated in, you can play games on-the-go on your handheld devices with nothing to bog down your bandwidth. Best VPN for gaming is just that good!

Gaming opportunities don’t wait for anyone. And you shouldn’t be waiting for them to fall on your lap either. Whether it be a limited time in-game character, a new level or a skin/ costume for you hero, you can bank on Ivacy’s servers to help you avail those perks from anywhere in the world.

Above all, Best VPN for gaming not only elates your gaming experience but protects you against prying eyes, hackers and malware. Therefore, allowing you get to enjoy your game to the fullest and at the same time, securely.

How to set up Best VPN for Gaming?

 It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Register and download Ivacy VPN on your preferred device
  2. Launch app and connect to the desired server/country
  3. On your device’s browser, visit the game’s website or access it through the app
  4. Play your favorite without a worry in the world!


So what are you waiting for, Christmas? Jump in with Ivacy and enter code GOWIN15’ on the checkout to avail 15% discount on all plans.

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