From Clinically Insane to Highly Emotional Superhero

06/08/2019 14:00 - United States, New Hampshire - (PR Distribution™)

Fourteen years ago, bestselling author and motivational speaker, Marisa Imon, was diagnosed as clinically insane during a manic episode caused by bipolar type one. Over a dozen medical professionals explained to her that there was no way to live with this illness without medication. But for the past few years Imon has been doing just that while teaching others the tools and mindfulness practices she uses to help them embrace their emotions regardless of medication choices.

“Too often we’re told that being overly emotional is a ‘bad thing,’” says Imon, “I think it’s time that we as a society gave some respect to the benefits of being highly emotional - and the incredible power that comes from working with your emotions, instead of feeling like they’re working against you.”

While Imon recognizes that medications can be very helpful, she is also boldly asserting that it’s often overprescribed because as a whole society views negative emotions as a bad thing that need to be numbed away. In her internationally bestselling book on Amazon, “Super Intense: How Working With Your Emotional Intensity Makes You A Superhero,” she teaches tools on how to embrace emotions instead of numbing them - all while sharing deeply personal yet humorous stories about her life with bipolar type one.

“Marisa is relatable, funny, and incredibly moving as she shares her story,” commented Chelsie Skowyra, a Spiritual Therapist and Reiki Practitioner, “The tools she shares [in her book, Super Intense] are effective and can be used by ANYONE to improve their quality of life.”

During Imon’s first manic episode, one of the delusions she experienced was believing that she was either a superhero here to save the world or an evil villain sent to destroy the superhero version of herself. After finding stable, maintainable emotional health, she no longer feels victim to this delusion but has instead reclaimed power over it by creating her own superhero persona, Captain Heartsong.

Imon explained, “My superpower is working with my emotional intensity and using it for good, and I express it through music from my heart. I was a big fan of Captain Marvel before I ever had any idea she’d be part of the Marvel cinematic Universe (so you can imagine my excitement when that happened!). I just loved her story and her strength. She struggled with accepting her emotions too. I realized I may not be a captain of a plane but I am the captain of my emotions, as we all can be. I think everyone should create their own superhero persona, it’s incredibly empowering. That's why I'm dedicated to helping people do just that.”

Imon’s passion for helping people own their inner superhero is also demonstrated through a free year-long service she offers. Users can sign up for a year of free weekly meditations designed to help them feel like their own superhero by the end of the year. This program goes hand in hand with her new book.

For now Super Intense is only in ebook form, but Imon is in works with a comic book illustrator and has plans to release a print version with comic strips in 2020. Because Imon is a big fan of comics, most of her book includes quotes and stories of heroes from both the Marvel and DC Universe to tie in as parallels to the power of working with your emotional intensity.

Super Intense is on sale for only $0.99 for a limited time. Get your copy and learn how to work with your emotional intensity for good, because, as Imon says "being intense in and of itself isn't the super power - but what you do with it is."

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