From Abuse & Addiction to Guinness World Record Triathlete, Discover Stories Of Vulnerability, Belief, and Success In This Chicken Soup-like Series About Entrepreneurship.

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Jamie Wolf, CEO of Million Dollar Story Agency, is pleased to announce the publication of “Million Dollar Story - Secrets of Ten Entrepreneurs Who Had to Lose & Pivot to Profit and WIN With Purpose, Volume II” currently available on Amazon for just 99 cents for the Kindle Version.

Have you ever failed? Hit a roadblock that felt impossible at the time? As someone asking friends and family to believe in you while you try to build a business, have you ever felt overwhelmed or embarrassed, almost too scared to go forward but too ashamed to quit?

Learn how these author-entrepreneurs hit a wall, pivoted, built even stronger businesses, and now each has a Million Dollar Story making a difference and changing lives. Best of all, they’ll show you how you can pivot and profit, too, whether that’s through growing and monetizing Facebook groups, building and monetizing a podcast audience, being a military spouse who raises a strong family even during repeated deployments, creating your own TV channel, or some other approach! In an era where the cycle of ‘strong economy’ to ‘crashed economy,’ whether local or global, seems to be recurring with increasing frequency, discover how you can recession-proof your mindset, your skillset, and your business to write your own Million Dollar Story despite external forces.

You’ll hear from Shangrila Rendon, an immigrant whose sexual abuse nightmares began at age 5 and evolved into a battle with PTSD, addiction, and arrests, only for her to become a professional endurance athlete, a Guinness World Record Holder as the fastest female to complete five Ironman distances in five consecutive days, and a very passionate coach helping individuals from around the world achieve their goals and dreams. And you’ll hear from Janak Mehta, an immigrant who arrived in this country in pursuit of the American dream, only to spend 13 months unemployed after 9/11. Learn how he recovered through teaching himself real estate investing only to declare bankruptcy as a result of the crash of 2008. And yet he recovered again, building a large team and employing lessons learned in not one but two global events so that he was ready for 2020! But … no more spoilers! You’ll have to read Million Dollar Story so you, too, can pivot successfully and be inspired to profit and WIN with purpose!

Advance Praise

Through our lives and journeys as entrepreneurs one thing is certain - very rarely is it a straight and simple path, but the destination is worth the journey. I can not say how thrilled I am to see the growth of this series and the lives that it will touch as a result of these authors being brave enough to not only face adversity but to keep going, leading boldly and being courageous enough to share. And for you, reading these words… oh, what a treat you are in for with each flip of the page! To know you are not alone in all stages of life and business growth and also to realize that you truly are the author of your own story and how it ends is both freeing and powerful. Harness this power for good and to accelerate your own journey. ~ Kaci Brown, Co-Founder of Amplify My Impact

Million Dollar Story, Volume II is the second in a series - hear what readers had to say about Volume I:

Fantastic Book! Five Stars

The stories here will definitely help the beginner all the way up to the expert. If you want a jumpstart to your career in the online space you definitely need this book.

This Is A Major Business Mentorship In Book Form. Five Stars.

Most business books I've read give a lot of technical advice but not a lot of insight into all of the mental work that has to go into actually getting things done. And we all know that even with a roadmap - all of the mental blocks to actually succeed are the toughest to get around! The stories in this book give insight into the fact that none of us are all that unique in the craziness we go through in life - in the best way! Everyone has to pivot, everyone gets hit with walls to climb over and shift around, and this book normalizes that experience while then giving you the tools to succeed from those moments. It's an easy but impactful read that leaves you feeling ready to go, and looking at the moments in your own life as things to learn from and drive your steps forward. This book is the perfect mix of what to do plus how to get there.

We All Need This. Five Stars.

Regardless of whether you’re starting a business or trying to grow one, this book will motivate and empower you to just keep moving. Like many business books, Million Dollar Story will provide you with great resources. But, unlike many, this book offers real stories from real people who hit bottom and pulled themselves not only up but all the way to the top. I love how many were involved in bringing this book to light. Each author’s story is unique – it’s their struggle, their determination, and the pivot that binds them together. If you’re looking for a relatable and fast-paced book to inspire you to keep pushing on through the dark times, Million Dollar Story is a perfect read.

About The Author Agency

Jamie Wolf, MBA, is Owner of Wolf Tide Publishing and CEO of Million Dollar Story Agency. Her Agency helps success-and-mission-driven entrepreneurs become published Best Selling authors FAST for greater influence, impact, and business growth. For time-stressed entrepreneurs, she offers a program in which you 10X your credibility as a published Best Seller author with 1/10th the time and investment while leveraging a strategic network of top influencers! To date, 100% of the authors in her program have become Best Sellers! 

Over a lifetime of work, Jamie has been in the role of student, employee, corporate management, consultant, tech start-up co-founder, syndicated columnist, author, publisher, and owner of a brick and mortar. What emerged from those experiences is a passion for working with entrepreneurs to help them tell their stories and significantly grow their revenue, influence, and impact. A Best Selling author herself, she also hosts Million Dollar PIVOT, a Top 50 podcast for anyone who has hit a wall trying to grow their business, only to find they have ended up exactly where they are meant to be, changing lives.

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