Freedom Motors signs Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Partnership with Alturair

12/09/2018 01:00 - DIXON, CA - (PR Distribution™)

Freedom Motors and Alturair are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between the two enterprises to codevelop electric power generation systems ranging in output capability from 2 kW up to 500 kW.

Freedom Motors is the developer of the extremely powerful, lightweight, and low-emission Rotapower® rotary engine. The company has previously demonstrated that by using its Rotapower engine, together with a state-of-the-art DC generator, it can significantly reduce the overall volume and weight required for a generator system (when compared with existing piston engine designs). For example, a Rotapower generator that can produce 25 kW of electrical power could easily be two-man portable. Such a unit is not available in today’s market and would be useful for a large number of mobile applications.

Alturair is a generator manufacturing company that has produced generators commercially and for US Government and Military. They specialize in manufacturing generators as small as 2 kW and up to 500 kW and are experienced with using rotary engines. 

Freedom Motors and Alturair will work together to develop powerful, efficient and functional generators for commercial and other uses. The pilot project will focus on a generator design that will reduce both the weight and volume footprint of the generator, and will minimize carbon and other harmful emissions.

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