Free Vodka Hand Sanitizer and Online Hand Sanitizer Donations Through Local Whiskey Deodorant Company

03/20/2020 07:00 - United States, Colorado, Fort Collins - (PR Distribution™)

Distilled Bath and Body, LLC, a Fort Collins, Colorado local online business, is giving away free hand sanitizer and facilitating a way for others to donate hand sanitizer to those in need as Coronavirus rages. Hand sanitizer also comes full-circle for owners Erica and Jason Feucht who initially linked their discovery of the efficacy of alcohol as deodorant to a semi-natural hand sanitizer. 

When Erica Feucht was pregnant with her first child, she discovered that hand sanitizer could double for deodorant with low expectations. She and her business partner dug into a year of research to create the most natural and effective deodorant the plants on our planet could derive. The end result was a patent-pending whiskey deodorant so unique, they launched a company that has grown steadily for the past 3 years providing local jobs for Americans in manufacturing, shipping, customer care, etc. 

Their story arcs back toward hand sanitizer at the surge of Coronavirus. They realized there was so much need for hand sanitizer and they were literally surrounded by barrels of 95% alc/vol vodka. The company jumped into action to help, setting a fast-paced release of Hand Liquor to do their part to get hand sanitizer back in public circulation. As Distilled Bath and Body says to customers daily, "Liquor is just very natural alcohol and alcohol kills [germs]."

The company plans to release as many free bottles as they can afford on Monday, March 23. Their non-toxic hand sanitizer will then sell at a reduced price until the end of the COVID-19 crisis. Along with this measure, they will also be leading a movement to facilitate donations of hand sanitizer to families in need. People interested in giving hand sanitizer to others in need can pay for bottles on the website www.distilledbathandbody.com. The company will channel the donated bottles to people who need them through their website where families in need can place orders for 2 free bottles of hand sanitizer weekly. Distilled Bath and Body will be asking that customers limit their free hand sanitizer to two bottles per family per week. 

This small company is comprised of 75% female leadership and all-Colorado-based employees set on making the world a better place one glass-bottle of earth-friendly Hand Liquor at a time. 

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