Foil Announces the World’s Most Advanced eFoil.

09/17/2019 17:00 - United States, Florida, Pensacola - (PR Distribution™)

Foil invites you to soar above the water with its electric hydrofoil. 

This new technology company is here to shake up the world of aquatic power sports.

Foil, Inc. has released its first product available for preorder today. Ambitiously engineered, Foil is an electric hydrofoil (eFoil) that enables customers to soar above the water for extended periods of time. Designed and assembled in the United States, Foil is finally ready for its debut.

Foil has been in the works since August of 2017. With a team of highly-skilled engineers, artists,
and innovators working from every edge of the globe, their collaborative efforts have produced a groundbreaking product ready for the world to experience. What was once an ambitious idea is now the future of personal watercraft sports.

Using Carbon Fiber, Foil’s engineers were able to create a product that is extraordinarily strong, lightweight, and versatile enough to fly above the water with ease. Both the motor pod and battery casing are made of high-strength, 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant aluminum and plastic.    

The sleek and futuristic board design comes in five vibrant colors: Fresh Pow, Fire, Mantis, Voltage, and Jet Black to fit the customer’s preference. The mast is available in carbon fiber or jet black to truly customize the design from top to bottom. A matching wireless controller is included.

Cutting-edge technology

Putting the power in the palm of the rider’s hand, Foil’s wireless controller includes a high-resolution, colored display that keeps the rider in the know with current speed and battery life. Foil’s controller intelligently knows if a rider has fallen off and will come to a stop and await further instructions.To charge the controller, simply attach the controller to the wireless charging deck on the side of the battery for a hands-free experience.

Foil’s removable Lithium-Ion battery is the largest ever fitted to an eFoil. Inside, revolutionary heat-absorbing phase change material surrounds the cells, giving it the ability to repeat extremely demanding recharge and discharge cycles back to back and never break a sweat. The battery pack can also be swapped in and out of any Foil board to keep the stoke going all day long.

Possibly the most impressive detail in Foil’s setup is the 7000-watt MAVERICKS™ direct-drive motor that effortlessly powers the craft to speeds of up to 28+ MPH. MAVERICKS™ motor system is the heart of Foil. All electronics are water-cooled, giving Foil the ability to perform without the need for complicated water pumps.

Seven thousand watts and instant torque coupled to a performance-grade propeller are available at the pull of a trigger. Exceptional engineering, dynamic creativity, and unparalleled technology have all come together over the past two years to bring Foil to life. Starting from the ground up, Foil has worked relentlessly to create a state-of-the-art electric watercraft and the world’s most advanced eFoil technology.

Preorders begin today at getfoil.com, and they start as low as just $6,999 making this the most affordable eFoil on the market by thousands of dollars. Foil will begin production early next year and reservations will begin shipping in the summer of 2020.


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