Faber-Castell® USA Teams with the American Art Therapy Association to Support Mental Health

10/28/2019 09:00 - United States, Ohio, Cleveland - (PR Distribution™)

Collaboration seeks to advance Art Therapy: A unique field that integrates art in mental health treatment

Faber-Castell® USA, known for its high-quality professional art supplies and materials, has announced a new collaborative effort with the American Art Therapy Association (AATA). 

The AATA is the nation's leading voice for art therapy. Members are comprised of clinicians with Masters-level or higher degrees trained in art and therapy that serve diverse communities in different settings, from medical institutions and wellness centers, to schools and independent practices. They are credentialed mental health care professionals who care deeply about the communities they support, helping to advance people’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

“We believe in creativity for life, from childhood through adulthood, and share in the American Art Therapy Association’s commitment to expand access to mental health through art-making,” said Jamie Gallagher, CEO of Faber-Castell® USA. “Together, we strongly believe that art is for everyone—and the creative process, with the guidance of a professional art therapist, can help support and improve people’s lives, whether they are struggling to overcome illness, violence or trauma, or just managing everyday challenges.”

The collaboration will help expand access to this incredibly powerful mental health profession that engages the healing power of art as a core tenet, using Faber-Castell’s art materials in treatment. Art Therapists have a clear understanding of what materials work best in treating specific diagnoses and challenges, and which materials and directives are most appropriate to achieve treatment goals. 

“Having Faber-Castell USA, a world-renowned art supply brand, acknowledge the skill and passion art therapists bring to their work with clients and with their communities attests to the company's commitment to the healing power of art,” says Dr. Christianne Strang, AATA's President. “This collaboration will help the AATA further our mission of advancing art therapy and expanding services to the individuals and communities that need the expertise our members provide—now more than ever.” 

Art therapists help victims of violence and trauma, including military service members, student survivors of mass shootings, and displaced communities, people struggling with mental illness or substance abuse, older adults with dementia or experiencing isolation, children living with social or behavioral challenges such as autism, providers and caregivers facing burnout, and anyone coping with life’s challenges.

“We want to do our best to ensure that as many people as possible have access to opportunities for creative experiences through each stage of their lives,” said Gallagher. “Through our donations, our support, and our renewed efforts, we believe we will do our part in supporting the AATA to build creative confidence that lasts while simultaneously strengthening our mission of enriching lives through creativity and self-expression.” 

The collaboration will officially begin with Faber-Castell’s attendance at the AATA’s annual conference to be held October 31 – November 3, celebrating the organization’s 50th Anniversary. 

For more information on the American Art Therapy Association and Faber-Castell® USA, visit www.arttherapy.org and www.fabercastell.com

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