Experience Interchange: Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training at its Finest

2022-08-12 19:00:00 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - (PR Distribution™)

From the 17th- 31st of August, Liminal VR will be holding open days at Deakin University, with La Trobe University to follow, showcasing all three modules of their innovative 5G enabled, virtual reality, soft skills training program: Interchange.

Interchange is designed to improve presentation skills, conflict resolution skills, and staff management skills of trainees within the workplace, by generating real time responses from 3D animated virtual humans based on trainee statements across different workplace scenarios.

Open training sessions will take place at Deakin University (Burwood Campus), from the 17th -31st of August, with sessions to follow at La Trobe University, from the 1st-10th of September. 

These sessions will be freely available to the public, allowing them to experience all three virtual reality soft skills training modules.

Interchange, which has been piloted successfully throughout a wide range of organisations since June of this year, has received ongoing, positive feedback from participants.

 “It’s an experience you’d regret not taking up,” Seb Green from Kardinia Stadium Trust said.

And Georgia Whiteley, says that Interchange, “provides a very realistic setting without the pressure or consequence of actual public speaking.” 

“People definitely need to try it,” added Abdul Khatri from Greater Western Water.

The program was funded by The Australian 5G Innovation Initiative and developed by virtual reality specialists Liminal VR with support from Pluto VR, Deakin University, and La Trobe University.

Interchange is a ground-breaking program that demonstrates the capabilities of commercially available 5G networks made possible by huge innovation leaps in 5G, edge computing, AI, and VR. 

Liminal recommends that those interested in taking part in a training session should book well in advance to avoid missing out, by contacting: info@liminalvr.com.

About Liminal 

Liminal is a multi-award-winning virtual reality company based in Melbourne, dedicated to the application of neuroscience and psychological design principles to create emotionally impactful applications and experiences. With its team of virtual reality developers, 3D artists, neuroscientists, and psychologists, Liminal specialises in researching and applying evidence-based design methodologies to induce emotional and cognitive states and evaluating the effectiveness of virtual reality experiences through psychometric data. 

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