Eugene Burger Management Corp. (EBMC) mobilizes all-out effort to fight Covid 19

2020-06-16 08:11:56 - United States, New York, Amagansett - (PR Distribution™)

Covid 19 is the deadliest pandemic in the last century. Once the danger of Covid 19 was identified by public health experts, EBMC lost no time launching a full-throated response plan to protect its clients and tenants from the deadly virus.  

EBMC immediately began taking steps to reduce risks and resume services as much as possible. These steps involved 1. Update all protocols to be in compliance with all city, county and state government orders. 2.  Moved immediately to protect clients and tenants by limiting access to buildings and facilities. 3. Launched a comprehensive program of cleaning of facilities and buildings, 4.Established formal Covid 19 guidelines for clients, tenants and management team. 5. Most importantly, because of constantly changing dynamics of coronavirus, EBMC has undertaken every effort to strengthen communication so that EBMC actions can continue to be effective during coronavirus. For example, even though some offices are closed, EMBC continues to function and conduct business remotely. As, COVID requirements change, our offices will begin opening.   

EBMC’s response to Covid 19 has been massive and comprehensive. To facilitate effectiveness during this outbreak EBMC will continue to continue to make the most up to data information available. See “More Information “ below 

Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) has built a reputation for providing high quality real estate management services since 1968. Services include all aspect of commercial and residential property management.  

More Information

Eugene Burger Management has an excellent A+ BBB rating. Also, for information on Covid-19 and offices opening, there are regular updates on Facebook

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