ETFLogic Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding from ETFS Capital to Advance ETF Analytics and Portfolio Management

02/26/2019 09:00 - New York - (PR Distribution™)

ETFLogic, the leading Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) analytics and data technology company, recently announced that it has completed a $4 million seed round of financing from ETFS Capital, championed by its Chairman Graham Tuckwell. 

ETFLogic fills a gap in the ETF analytics market by providing a powerful cloud-based platform with over twenty visualization tools that provide transparency to the ETF ecosystem. In addition to the cutting-edge visualizations and analytics in-platform, ETFLogic allows professionals to extract high quality PDF reports to showcase and analyze various ETF Statistics.

ETFS Capital was formed out of ETF Securities in 2018 following the successful divesture of its ETF businesses in Europe and the US. Having realized in excess of $600m in proceeds, ETFS Capital now invests in innovative new solutions and services within the ETF eco-sphere. With its extensive ETF management experience, the ETFS Capital team brings a wealth of strategic advice and broad knowledge to help ETFLogic navigate the ETF landscape. 

“ETFs have democratized investing and provided countless benefits to investors of all sizes,” said Emil Tarazi, co-founder and CEO of ETFLogic. “What makes ETFLogic so powerful is its ability to break down investment discovery barriers by giving investors faster and more powerful tools to manage their ETF portfolios and get answers around cost and risk.”

ETFLogic helps level the playing field among diverse ETF issuers by providing broad access to user-friendly tools that can be used to build their brands while giving investors better information and fresh perspectives.

By unpacking ETF baskets to measure the hidden costs in transactions, ETFLogic increases trading transparency and helps to optimize portfolio allocations. ETFLogic’s suite of alternative data products provide ETF flow signals to drive quantitative alpha to cross asset-class risk models for risk measurement to liquidity screening.

Due to the tremendous rise in passive ownership, partly due to ETFs, C-suite executives and investor relations at corporations can also leverage the ETFLogic platform to better understand how ETFs and shifts in indexing trends impact their stocks.  

In the coming months, ETFLogic will continue to grow its quantitative, sales, and marketing efforts and expand its platform globally through the inclusion of datasets from European and Asian markets.

About ETFLogic

ETFLogic is a financial technology platform dedicated to ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Founded in 2017 by Emil Tarazi, ETFLogic provides analytics and data that bring cost transparency to the ETF market. Powered by a vast set of databases, the company provides timely and actionable insights for institutional investors on the true cost, liquidity and risks of ETFs. The ETFLogic team consists of financial markets professionals from across the industry, including market-makers, data scientists and ETF sales specialists. 

For more information on ETFlogic, visit the company website at https://www.etflogic.io

For more information on ETFlogic Pages, a fast ETF analytics website with a sampling of unique statistics on US ETFs, visit https://pages.etflogic.io

About ETFS Capital 

ETFS Capital is the new name for ETF Securities, following the divestiture by the company of its US and European businesses, which delivered the company more than $600m in proceeds. Those proceeds remain with the company and are being used to invest in the ETF eco-sphere. Key senior executives from ETF Securities have remained with the company, which is now the world’s largest investment firm devoted solely to investing in companies and start-ups operating in the ETF eco-sphere. 

For more information on ETFS Capital, visit the website at ETFSCapital.com.

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