Eteambuilding Delivers Team Building Games That Drive Employee Retention

06/19/2019 04:04 - Moldova - (PR Distribution™)

Companies Engage in Creative Collaborative Experiences to Foster a Positive Work Culture

Most companies are aware that losing highly valued employees is one of the most costly experiences they endure. Few marketplaces are as competitive as the one for talent. While a number of elements drive employee retention, few factors are as important as organizational culture and the workplace experience. Eteambuilding is committed to organizational improvement through group games designed to foster team collaboration and build towards a rewarding employee experience.

Retaining quality employees has a substantial impact on the long-term health, success, and

sustainability of an organization. There are huge demand and competition in the market for

labor. As such, improving retention rates is high on the priority list for most organizations.

There are successful examples. Companies like the Bay Area’s Location Labs retain 95% of hires. In addition, the company boasts high rates of referrals, signaling a highly rewarding corporate culture.

One of the key factors that distinguishes companies with successful employee retention rates from its peers is establishment of a team building culture. Organizations that establish collective goals rather than focusing on individual expectations have greater employee engagement and reported levels of satisfaction. Employees feel more supported in a collaborative environment and derive greater value in understanding the impact of their contributions.

An organization’s employees are the key drivers of value to the customer and the business. A rewarding workplace does more than just raise retention rates, it directly translates to increased quality and productivity. It leads to greater customer satisfaction and increased sales. It drives innovation and ensures competitive advantages. Team building games are an effective way to single a shift to a collaborative culture.

Eteambuilding.org provides team building games and group activities that foster a collaborative culture and help improve retention through a positive working environment. The goal of the team building programs is to work demonstrate the group’s capacity to achieve common goals by leveraging each participant’s talent and creativity. 

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