Earthdance Debuts Online Solstice Co-Manifestival

06/12/2020 08:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

June 21 Event Features 9 Hours of Multiple Live Streams with Global Meditation, International DJs, Sound Healing and 30+ Speakers on Environmental and Social Justice, Transformative Culture, Wellness, Cannabis and Psychedelic Medicine

MAUI, HI – June 10, 2020: Earthdance Global, organizers of the annual Earthdance Festivals worldwide since 1997, is launching its online event series with the Online Solstice Co-Manifestival on June 21, 2020 from 12 pm to 9 pm PDT.

The free 9-hour event brings together a broad coalition of musicians, DJs, artists, activists, experts and media partners to celebrate conscious community and co-manifest peace, social and environmental justice for positive change. Registration is at earthdanceglobal.com/register.

The Co-Manifestival begins at 12 noon PDT with a Global Coherence Pulse synchronized meditation hosted by Earthdance with partners Heartmath Institute, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Resonance Science Foundation, Unify and others.  The Pulse hour includes presentations on the Global Consciousness Project and Heartmath’s Global Coherence Initiative, the Earthdance Prayer for Peace and a “Global OM” guided meditation with Miranda Macpherson. 

Solstice Stage, beginning at 1:00 pm PDT, features Gaudi, playing a “dub extravaganza” with vinyl and cassettes;  Lynda Arnold’s transcendental instrumentals and angelic melodies; Mishka’s deep reflections of the reggae roots soul; Adham Shaikh’s global music tapestries; Ganga Giri’s indigenous “digeridoo meets fat beats”; Indubious’s intergalactic rootstronica progressive reggae; David Starfire’s innovative world-fusion; and Hawaii's reggae ambassador, Marty Dread, will be the opening Master of Ceremonies and will also perform with his entire band. DJ Feral adds to the deep grooves.

The Medicine Wheel stage opens at 1:30 pm PDT with panel discussions on Social and Environmental Justice, Transformative Culture, Personal and Planetary Wellness, Sound Healing Workshop; and the Deep Green Cannabis series of panels discussing spirit/consciousness, cultivation and genetics, righting the wrongs of the drug war; health, wellness and beauty; and plant consciousness. Speakers include Vandana Shiva, Téana David, Leila Salazar-Lopez, Jon Ramer, Divasonic, Kitty Wells, Will Grinnell, Swami Chaitanya, Tim Blake, Chris Conrad, Mary Bailey, Carolyn Garcia (aka Mountain Girl), Ed Rosenthal, Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Amy Povah, Stephany Landa, Christina DiGiovanni, Andrea Brooks, Jess Dugan, and more.

“It is our hope that this co-manifestival on the 2020 Summer Solstice inspires healing and positive action during this time of tremendous change and the reimagining of our world,” said Executive Producers Sandra Hay and Matt Marshall of Earthdance Global.

All artists and speakers are donating their time for the event and will welcome contributions via links provided on screen during their appearances and on the event website. 

The Earthdance Co-Manifestival will be streamed on Earthdance.TV in partnership with Awake TV Network.  

Supporting sponsors include Golden Goddess Elixirs and CBD by Spice Pharm; Deep Green Agency, a boutique cannabis advisory firm and Mountains to Water, an inflatable standup paddle boards, surfboards and kayak company.

The Earthdance Solstice Co-Manifestival is a production of Earthdance Global, executive producers Sandra Hay, Matt Marshall, event producers Will Grinnell, Michael Gosney, hosted by Marty Dread, Ngaio Bealum, Nikki Lastreto and Emily Griffin, Technical Director Frank Schwartz.

About Earthdance: Celebrating 24 years, Earthdance has grown to become one of the largest globally synchronized music and dance events, having been held in over 1,000 locations in 80 countries. In 2020, the 24th annual Earthdance Global Peace Party will include numerous public events, countless private parties, and high social media activity across multiple platforms. The first Earthdance Planetary Dance Party for Peace materialized in 1997 in support of Tibet. In 1999, Earthdance aligned with the United Nations Peace Day, partnering with international peace events, organizations, and companies. In 2001, the Earthdance International non-profit formed to coordinate the annual charity festival. And in 2003, the Earthdance Global for-profit company formed to develop year-round Earthdance projects, and support the non-profit organization and festival. 

Complete Event info - Earthdance.TV
Event Registration - earthdanceglobal.com
All inquiries - [email protected] 


Earthdance Global Co-Manifestival Producer - earthdanceglobal.com
Earthdance International Day of Peace Annual Festivals - earthdance.org
Earthdance Prayer for Peace - earthdance.org/linkup
Awake TV -awaketvnetwork.com
Global Coherence Pulse monthly meditation series - globalcoherencepulse.org
Global Consciousness Project - noosphere.princeton.edu
Heartmath Global Coherence Initiative - heartmath.org/gci
Institute of Noetic Sciences – noetic.org
Unify - unify.org

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