Dr. Sara Yegiyants Brings Breast Resensation to Santa Barbara Breast Reconstruction and Mastectomy Patients

2020-11-17 11:54:38 - United States, California, Santa Barbara - (PR Distribution™)

Dr. Sara Yegiyants is the first and only plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara to offer Breast Resensation to women after breast cancer surgery. 

Santa Barbara, CA- Post-cancer reconstructive breast surgeries sever the nerves in the breasts, often leading to a loss of sensation. Resensation is the first procedure of its kind to reconnect detached nerves and restore sensation to the breasts and nipples after breast cancer surgery. Dr. Sara Yegiyants, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, is delighted to bring this innovative procedure to her Santa Barbara area patients. She is the first and only surgeon in the area to offer this treatment.  

Resensation uses microsurgery techniques and allograft nerve tissue to reestablish nerve pathways after mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries. The nerves from the nipple complex are connected to the chest wall nerves. Over time, the body will establish a connection between these nerves. For many patients, this process can restore sensation in the breasts and nipples after breast cancer surgeries. 

Regaining sensation after mastectomy can help women to better cope with the many changes that breast cancer can bring to the body. Dr. Yegiyants’ patients report increased quality of life, better body image, and greater satisfaction with breast reconstruction results because of Resensation.

Resensation is a complicated procedure, one that few plastic surgeons are qualified to offer. It requires advanced training in nerve reconnection and microsurgery techniques. Dr. Yegiyants is uniquely qualified to bring this treatment to her patients:

“As a microsurgeon with extensive training in nerve repair and reconstruction, it was a natural addition to the practice,” -Dr. Yegiyants 

You can learn more about Resensation here: https://www.syplasticsurgery.com/breast/breast_resensation/

About Dr. Sara Yegiyants

Dr. Sara Yegiyants has advanced training in microsurgery and nerve repair and has performed many breast reconstruction procedures. As one of the area’s most accomplished plastic surgeons, Dr. Yegiyants loves helping women and men feel comfortable and confident in their appearance. She offers a variety of face, breast, and body surgeries to patients in Santa Barbara, CA, and the surrounding communities. 

You can learn more about Dr. Yegiyants and her practice here: https://www.syplasticsurgery.com/

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