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Typically characterized by debilitating changes in mood ranging from manic highs to depressive lows, bipolar disorder can severely compromise a patient's ability to manage and handle everyday activities, including social interactions and job-related tasks. Moreover, in most cases, bipolar disorder tends to lower a patient's quality of life. Fortunately, with the right clinical interventions, it is possible to not only manage, but also eliminate the harmful effects of this condition, and therefore, improve a patient's overall well-being. To this end, Dr. Mark Schwartz offers an award-winning bipolar disorder treatment program at the Harmony Place Monterey healthcare facility. More specifically, Dr. Schwartz's program helps patients manage their severe mood swings and, as a result, ensure patients do not suffer long-term brain damage associated with bipolar disorder, such as the complete inability to regulate one's mood.

Effective Clinical Interventions

Dr. Mark Schwartz of Harmony Place Monterey says that it is possible to manage bipolar disorder effectively with the right combination of clinical interventions including medication, psycho-education, stress and sleep management, and bipolar psychotherapy. In addition, Dr. Mark Schwartz says that bipolar disorder typically tends to manifest differently among patients. For this reason, patients suffering from this mental health problem are unlikely to respond to conventional treatment and medication regimens. To overcome this problem, treating physicians must always ensure they make the right diagnosis, prescribe the right medication, and educate the patient and his/her loved ones about bipolar disorder. This is particularly important because research shows that bipolar disorder tends to increase suicide risk and the risk of heart disease.

Dr. Mark Schwartz's Treatment Approach

Under the leadership of Dr. Mark Schwartz, Harmony Place Monterey offers comprehensive bipolar disorder treatment based on an award-winning treatment program developed by Dr. Mark Schwartz and his highly trained medical experts. At the Harmony Place Monterey, patients suffering from bipolar disorder learn how to monitor and manage their mood swings daily, as well as how to seek support from their loved ones whenever necessary, which is particularly important for patients on medication because it helps reduce the risk of a drug overdose, both intentional and accidental. Additionally, patients learn Buddhist principles to help them deal with bipolar disorder’s myriad problems, including restlessness, irritability, sleep deprivation/insomnia, eating disorders, anger, and stress.

Dr. Mark Schwartz's award-winning treatment approach combines adequate psychotherapy with optimal pharmacology. This is important because to maintain control over their day-to-day functions and wellbeing; bipolar disorder patients need to find an optimal balance. To this end, Dr. Schwartz's program primarily focuses on individual therapy, meaning each of Dr. Schwartz's patients gets to work with an individualized therapist on a one-to-one basis. Additionally, Dr. Schwartz also encourages family participation and group therapy sessions, which are particularly important because they promote patient-patient interaction. On the other hand, family sessions are essential because they teach families better ways to communicate with patients and help reduce or even eliminate the stigma associated with mental disorders. 

Co-occurring Psychological Issues

In most cases, patients with bipolar disorder also tend to suffer from other co-occurring psychological problems such as substance abuse, trauma-related personality issues, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, and anxiety. Thus, a treating physician needs to obtain a patient's medical history first before recommending a treatment option. To this end, every patient that visits the Harmony Place Monterey first undergoes a thorough medical examination. Using a patient's medical history data, Dr. Mark Schwartz builds a clinical team to cater to the patient's medical needs. 

About Harmony Place Monterey

Located in Monterey County, California, Harmony Place Monterey is a renowned health care facility specializing in all types of addiction and mental health issues.

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