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Dr. Kim Nugent, Innovation Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Founder of Kim Nugent Enterprises LLC was recently selected as Empowered Woman of the year for 2020 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). Her exemplary role as a female business professional in a male dominated industry displays her influence, capability and proficiency.

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a few women are chosen for this distinction based on their years of experience, professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities and contributions to their communities. With innovation and compassion, these women empower others to reach their goals, while creating change for future generations.

The President of IAOTP, Stephanie Cirami, stated “Choosing Dr. Nugent for this award was an easy decision for our panel to make. She is action oriented and passionate about leading to influence others. Dr. Nugent is exceptionally talented and strives to inspire those she serves. We are thrilled to be honoring her as an Empowered Women of the Year and her merits extend far beyond the capacity of this distinction.” 

Dr. Nugent is being recognized for having over three decades of professional experience in Higher Education, Administration, Hospitality Operations, Marketing, Leadership Coaching  and as a thriving Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Kim Nugent Enterprises LLC; Partners with corporations and individuals to maximize leadership capacity, productivity and promotability. Dr. Nugent develops customized research-based leadership academies and faculty development programs to improve employee and student engagement. 

Dr. Nugent’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to improving operational effectiveness, professional development, student success, improve graduation rates, motivational speaking, innovation leadership training, private career coaching, faculty development, and executive leadership development.

Dr. Nugent has demonstrated success not only as an Innovation Leadership Coach, but in every position she has ever held. Her impressive repertoire of prior roles have included, General Manager of the University Hilton Hotel, Divisional Manager of Hilton Inns, Inc.;  Dean of Education for the Art Institute of Houston, VP Education Operations and Regional Vice President for the Education Management Corporation, Campus President for the Art Institute of Houston, University President, VP of Faculty Development and Metro President for Devry University. 

Dr. Nugent received her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston, a Master’s of Business Administration at the University of St. Thomas, Master’s in Education-instructional Design and Online Learning from Capella University, Master’s in Human Resources Management from Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University, and her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston.

Aside from her successful career, Dr. Nugent is a sought-after lecturer, speaker and amazon award winning author.  To date, Dr. Nugent has written and published 5 books. Did I Say Never?  “52 Weeks to Exceptional Leadership”, “Promotion Protocol Unlock the Secrets to Promotability and Career Success” ; Coaching Conversations” (workbook to support Promotion Protocol) and her latest book just released in September 2019 “Paving Your Path, What's Next for High School Graduates”

Did I Say Never?” Dr. Nugent shares her personal 32-year spiritual journey, a true story, filled with sorrows and joys, challenges and tears that unfolded during her marriage and life as a stepparent. The intention of the book is to provide ideas, questions, resources, and heartfelt encouragement for parents to help their special needs child or adult so they achieve their full potential and improve the overall quality of their life. “52 Weeks to Exceptional Leadership” is for experience leaders to take their leadership to the next level. 

 “Promotion Protocol” provides a fresh perspective on leadership development along with a new coaching framework. “Paving Your Path, What's Next for High School Graduates” is a 30 week mentoring program for high school students to navigate their future beyond high school with the assistance of a mentor.

Dr. Nugent provides visionary leadership in a male dominated industry. She has received awards, accolades and has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. For 2020 she is being considered for a feature in TIP (Top Industry Professional) Magazine and was selected as Empowered Woman of the Year by the international Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). She was just recently featured on the famous Reuters building in Times Square for her 2019 selection as Top Innovation Leadership Coach of the Year and she was honored at IAOTP’s Annual Awards Gala at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  

Looking back, Dr. Nugent attributes her success to her perseverance, mentors she has had along the way, and staying passionate in all her business endeavors.  When not working, she enjoys goat yoga, traveling, and spending time with her family. For the future, she hopes to continue creating effective learning environments for professionals at all levels of skill by facilitating innovation. 

For more information on Dr. Nugent please visit: www.drnugentspeaks.com or www.promotionprotocol.com

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