Deported Filmmaker Produces Action Movie Based on his Experience

06/03/2019 00:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

When art student Thiago Palma was deported from the US, he decided to fight back in the most appropriate way possible: by making an action movie inspired by his experience. Now in 2019 the film is targeting a US release.

“The Brazilian Connection” follows a Brazilian engineering student, played by Palma, who is forced into a life of kidnapping after being deported from his university in America. After kidnapping an American technology executive, he's forced to make an ethical decision that could change his life forever.

"I was studying acting in America and they basically deported me because I hadn't won an Oscar yet," said Palma. "Hopefully this film makes people think about the cruelty of the immigration system in America. But I hope it entertains people too."

The Brazilian Connection is produced by Palma and directed by Drew Stewart. The film was shot in Sao Paolo, Brazil and Los Angeles. The film is currently seeking distribution. For more information visit the film’s website - 


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