DeleTrain Delivers Easy Scaling By Enabling Companies To Create Training Manuals With Screen Recordings & Audio Narration

12/03/2019 13:12 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Solution a Model of Efficiency in Employee Training Programs

Delivering on a promise to provide optimal efficiency through ease of use without compromising features and functionality, DeleTrain announces the launch of their one-of-a-kind online Training Manual creation platform. The application features built in screen capture and recording as well as audio narration and text, requiring no extra hardware, all accessed through a sleek and intuitive interface.
DeleTrain allows companies to thoroughly document every procedure, process, and how-to of theirs, using video instead of words. The platform gives organizations the ability to develop a work-force that self-trains. Additionally, many enterprises are finding the application useful for process standardization, as well as a tool for maintaining quality standards and incremental improvement measures.
“We’ve gotten such fantastic feedback from our customers!” commented DeleTrain’s Mark Moskowitz. “We all know the right training is invaluable. But let’s face it, documenting the work has been quite an effort in the past. Not all companies have the bandwidth to put together quality materials. DeleTrain has really emerged as quite an efficient tool, and we’re proud of what we’ve developed.”
DeleTrain’s parent company Uniqueness designed the platform to completely replace physical training manuals. Having incorporated every available technology to save time and curb waste, companies are reaping the benefits of users training themselves using just their web browser without requiring guidance from colleagues.
As an online accessible platform, DeleTrain was crafted with workforce simplicity in mind. An entire manual or topic can be made public with a dedicated URL, or the company can limit access by specific department. This flow process makes training extremely simple by removing the typical barriers associated with online training software.
For more information, visit the DeleTrain website at www.deletrain.com.

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