DeFacto's “Dreams made of Fabric” at the United Nations

03/13/2019 20:00 - Turkey - (PR Distribution™)

The United Nations, the world's largest umbrella organization, yesterday listened to the inspiring story of DeFacto's social responsibility project, Dreams made of Fabric. Speaking at the panel on Sustainable Development and Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs, DeFacto CFO Onder Senol said: “We support children receiving cancer treatment with products from our female high school students.  Our goal is to reach all four corners of Turkey".

The social responsibility project realized by DeFacto, one of the leading brands of the ready-to-wear apparel industry in Turkey, was introduced at the United Nations.  DeFacto Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Onder Senol described the Dreams made of Fabric project and Happy Women Movement at the Sustainable Development and Women Sustainable Development and Empowerment of Women Entrepreneur Panel organized by the United Nations.  

“If women are strong, then families are strong, the country is strong”
Participated as a speaker at the panel on gender equality, empowerment of the position of women and girls, social protection methods, access to public services, ?enol said: “The way a country can achieve sustainable development is through women having a stronger position in economic and social fields. If women are strong, then families are strong, the country is strong. For this reason, equal opportunities for women and men, protection of women's human rights must be protected, and violence and abuse against women must be eliminated.”  

“We have started the 2015 Happy Women Movement”
Senol continued his words: "As DeFacto, we are among the most important players in the fashion and ready-to-wear apparel sector in Turkey.  Today we serve our customers with more than 500 stores in 30 countries with 13 thousand 500 employees.  We believe that gender equality should be established and maintained in business and social life for sustainable growth.  This is an urgent matter especially for developing countries. In order to fulfil our part as a brand, we launched the Happy Women Movement in 2015, which provides women's employees with applications beyond affirmative action and provides extra opportunities.  The same year, we signed the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) to ensure that we will continue to support women in business.  We then established DeFacto Academy to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees. Our aim is to contribute to the professional development of our employees. We also want to serve to increase prosperity levels in support of their creativity and productivity.”  

‘We offer hope to children with cancer with Dreams made of Fabric”
Stating that they want to bring together other stakeholders by with the success achieved within the institution with the Happy Women Movement, ?enol said: “By the age of 14, one of 700 children in the world is at risk of cancer.  While 70 percent of children receiving cancer treatment survive the disease, 30 percent die.  We are in cooperation with The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer in order to support our children who are receiving cancer treatment in our country. Within the scope of the Dreams made of Fabric project, we send production surplus fabric and accessories from DeFacto factories to vocational high schools through the Provincial and District National Educational directorates we have signed protocols with. The products are designed and produced by female students in these schools. We will support KAÇUV projects with revenue from these products that will be sold in DeFacto stores all over Turkey.  To date, we have signed protocols with the Provincial and District national education directorates of Bal?kesir Edremit, Tekirda?, Kocaeli and Istanbul. We set out with great dreams and continue with enthusiasm.  Our aim is to carry more hope by bringing the Dreams made of Fabric all over Turkey.  For this purpose, we plan to expand our project to provinces such as, K?rklareli, Antalya, Van, Yalova, Sivas, Samsun and Gaziantep, respectively.”  

Box... Box…
DeFacto offers part-time work for a period of time to women employees who give birth within the scope of the Happy Women Movement. In addition to the legal requirement, extra 3 months unpaid leave after birth can be used.  Arrangements were made to prevent pregnant workers from experiencing the stress of traffic on the way to work.  At DeFacto, working hours of pregnant employees have been limited to 7.5 hours per day. In addition, working mothers are allowed half day leave during the opening and closing days of schools.  

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