Decorated Vietnam Veteran and Double-Leg Amputee Pens Hard-Hitting Book about the Real Causes of War

11/11/2019 09:00 - United States, Texas, Dallas - (PR Distribution™)

In an Attempt to Shed Light on Why Wars Really Happen, Former Assistant Secretary at Department of Veterans Affairs and Military History Author Publishes 3rd Book: Soldiers’ Blood and Bloodied Money: Wars and the Ruling Elites.

West Pointer Allen B. Clark (USMA Class of 1963) knows about “blood.” As an Army officer assigned to Special Forces in clandestine intelligence operations in the Vietnam War, Allen shed “soldier’s blood” in an enemy mortar attack on his camp in 1967. Blessed with surviving the loss of both of his legs, he returned to life as a dedicated patriot and veteran who continued to serve his country and work in a variety of political, public service, and financial endeavors. While encouraging soldiers and veterans to embrace their faith and heal from their own war wounds over more than five decades, he acquired a keen interest in the real causes of wars and their attendant casualties through history. 

In Soldiers’ Blood and Bloodied Money, a hard-hitting work that pulls no punches, Clark’s extensive research uncovers and connects the dots leading up to the real causes of war, which often contrast with the histories written by biased sources who either knowingly or unknowingly reported fallacious or incomplete causal realities. Throughout the course of his research, Clark discovered a myriad of motivations of individuals and groups who perpetrated the true “behind-the-curtains” stories of our military history. A large focus of the book is on the topic of cupidity – the acquisition of money and power. Clark demystifies many cloudy issues, also naming outright the “usual suspects” who have profited from warfare and derived their “bloodied money”:  Arms merchants; religious entities and their leaders; politicians; international bankers; media titans; lawyers and “secret societies.”

According to Kevin D. Freeman, global financial analyst commissioned by the Pentagon and New York Times Best-Selling Author of Secret Weapon and Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber Economic Attack, “Few understand the price of war better than Allen Clark. This is a man who has lived an extraordinary life in service to his country. Allen is a patriot, maintaining the highest respect for the American experiment, despite the incredible toll taken on him personally. So, when a man of his great character undertakes a project of this magnitude, representing four years of in-depth research, it is essential that we hear him out. Soldiers’ Blood and Blooded Money deserves our attention.” 

Clark’s second book, endorsed by business magnate Ross Perot, who caringly gave Clark his first job after Vietnam, is entitled Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior and tells his personal story. His second book, Valor in Vietnam, a collection of compelling and untold stories by soldiers and civilians, became a top seller in Military History. 

In recognition of Clark’s service, former President Ronald Reagan once said, “There are a host of heroes to whom this country owes a debt it can never repay.  Allen Clark lost both his legs while serving his country in Vietnam. When he came home, his body was broken, but his spirit never faltered. He went back to school. He earned his master’s degree in business administration. He served his state in a high government post and is now a successful businessman. He’s an inspiration to all who know him.”

Due to Clark’s strong personal faith, which he largely attributes to his own successful healing from Post-Traumatic Stress, Clark masterfully weaves his religious beliefs and research into the tapestry behind the causes of war and the immeasurable harm they inflict upon society and human life. Soldiers’ Blood and Bloodied Money: Wars and the Ruling Elites can be purchased on Amazon.com

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