Cummins & GRIP Partner to Provide Comprehensive Idling Solutions

2019-05-30 12:33:15 - ANCASTER, ONTARIO, CANADA - (PR Distribution™)

GRIP Idle Management Inc. and Cummins are excited to announce a new, strategic partnership to provide a comprehensive idling solution to the oil and gas industries, through GRIP's flagship product, the GRIP Idle Management System.

"At Cummins, we understand the harmful impact of engine idling on diesel equipment, and the challenges of fleet management in Canada’s climates." says the team at Cummins Western Canada. The partnership provides a solution, "that prevents expensive exhaust component failures, while significantly decreasing fuel costs in both diesel and gasoline engines."

“Cummins’ extensive locations, knowledge in on-road and off-road vehicle, and pristine reputation allows for end users to receive expert local support and peace of mind when investing in the GRIP System’s idle reduction capabilities.” Says GRIP Idle Management Inc. President, Brian Bassindale. “Partnering with Cummins also allows for the GRIP System to provide much-needed cost and emissions savings to Canadian oil and gas, mining, communications, and transportation industries through idle-reduction technology.”

Engine idling is responsible for the unnecessary consumption and emissions of billions of litres and kilograms of fuel and CO2 every year. These idling hours also translate into significant engine wear and tear, as well as increased maintenance costs. In Canada, one hour of vehicle idling is equivalent to 53 kilometres of engine wear. As a strategic force, the Cummins and GRIP partnership looks like tackle serious idling and idling-related-issues in various Canadian markets.

The GRIP Idle Management System Inc. was initially developed in 2009 as a response to overwhelming customer demand to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. On its third rendition, the new GRIP 3.0 System is designed to respond to new vehicle technologies, providing a more flexible, adaptable anti-idling solution that allows for the vehicle's engine to remain turned off while providing power and functionality to auxiliary components.

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