CRI Naturals Develops Breakthrough Immunity Boosting “Turbo Shot” Supplement, New Supplement Cracks the Code On Curcumin Absorption

04/20/2020 12:00 - - (PR Distribution™)

CRI Naturals, America’s top-rated natural supplement and lifestyle company announces the launch of a new, ground-breaking curcumin supplement that will help men and women reduce joint pain, promote a healthy inflammation response, improve well-being, and more. Sources claim this new formula is loaded with healthy antioxidants thanks to one rare ingredient, and will help men and women get up to 2000% maximum absorption of curcumin. 

CRI Naturals is happy to announce their new, breakthrough supplement, Simply Organic Golden Milk.

An official member of the award-winning CRI Naturals product development team says the staff had one goal with their latest product—to address the problem of nutrient absorption.

The official source claimed, “Most companies put too much emphasis on how a supplement can reduce joint pain or boost your immunity, but hardly anyone is stressing the importance of nutrient absorption to get those wonderful benefits.” 

Simply Organic Golden Milk is complete with over 10 holistic, superfood ingredients that help support joint mobility, reduce pain from aches and discomfort, promote a healthy inflammatory response in your body, boost your immune system, and help with weight loss. But it’s the unique formula from CRI Naturals that helps give your body maximum absorption of these ingredients (up to 2000% as verified by over 50 clinical studies and research articles). 

Official CRI Naturals sources broke down three specific herbs that together make their Golden Milk stand out from the crowd. These ingredients are organic turmeric, organic black pepper, and the rare organic Chaga. Together, they help you get the most curcumin content in the market. 

Alex Mayfield, Head of Product Development, also provided us background information behind the inspiration to make Simply Organic Golden Milk: “Throughout our research, we found that most companies were trying to ‘scare’ their potential customers into finding just any supplement that was good for their immune system and general health.” 

Mr. Mayfield went on, “For example, you’ve probably already heard of turmeric and have seen ads stressing how good this medicinal herb is for your aches and discomfort. Most people know already that turmeric is a powerful natural spice that can give them the health benefits they want, like improved joint mobility and a stronger immune system. The problem is that most people don’t understand how important nutrient absorption is.” 

He went on to explain, “You see, it’s actually the curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, that gives this holistic ingredient its true benefits. The key thing to remember about curcumin is that it’s difficult for your body to absorb. So if you don’t do your homework and decide to take just any turmeric supplement, you risk missing out on a ton of benefits that you wanted.”

“Taking curcumin without a proper absorption mechanism is like buying a souped up brand-new corvette that you can only drive in 2nd gear at all times. You’re not taking full advantage of what you ordered. That’s why we wanted to give the people something different— something that clearly addresses this problem,” says the product developer. 

Mr. Mayfield continued, “You work hard for your money, and you shouldn’t spend it on something that gives you 60% or less than what attracted you to buy it in the first place.” 

On his team’s breakthrough formula, Alex Mayfield added, “Black pepper helps increase absorption of curcumin from turmeric by up to 2000%, of course, that’s a critical part of the formula. But what makes our Golden Milk special is chaga, the rare ingredient some ancient cultures refer to as ‘the diamond of the forest’. We’ve managed to incorporate it into our golden milk. Not too many people know about Chaga and its powerful antioxidant concentration. Antioxidants help shield your cells and organs from dangerous cells that try to ‘hijack your health.’ These dangerous cells are called ‘free radicals.’ They’re responsible for many harmful diseases and conditions. We’ve managed to combine all three of these superfoods into one unique blend to benefit your health. It’s that simple.”

The CRI Naturals team is gearing up to release their brand-new turmeric supplement this week. “It’s exciting. I think once people understand the proven science behind these three marvelous ingredients, turmeric, black pepper, and Chaga, they’ll finally realize what it’s like to be able to enjoy the full benefits of curcumin, and on to happier, healthier living.” 

CRI Naturals consistently releases high-ranking natural supplements. They have an A ranking on the official Better Business Bureau website. Meanwhile, the positive reviews and testimonials for their products and high-caliber company continue to flood in.  

The CRI Naturals staff says that Simply Organic Golden Milk is set to launch Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Alex Mayfield and his team believe the “sky is the limit” as the company continues to grow and develop new products. 

To find out more about CRI Naturals and their impressive range of products, please visit http://crinaturals.com/

About CRI Naturals: CRI Naturals is dedicated to delivering lifestyle products that help users stay healthy, naturally, the way nature intended, and partnering with leading health experts to produce groundbreaking, top quality products. Their goal is to reveal the science behind the best natural solutions to modern health problems by studying natural remedies, and putting them into affordable lifestyle enhancing daily supplements that can be used to live a long, happy, healthy life. 

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