COVID-19 and How Dr. Michael Everest Is Helping

06/13/2020 19:00 - - (PR Distribution™)

COVID 19, also known as coronavirus disease 2019, is an infectious disease caused by the SARS COV 2 virus, which is a strain of the coronavirus family. It is spread through contact of nasal drops from an infected person to a healthy individual. It has spread all over the world and has caused death to many people in the world. This disease has also caused a strain on the world's public health because of how fast the disease is spreading and affecting individuals. So many organizations have come forward to assist the public health systems through donations in money or things used in managing this pandemic. Dr. Michael Everest has been banister and an arrow towards the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Who is working to save the public health system?

Dr. Michael Everest started a foundation that helps public systems to fight this pandemic. He contributed one million dollars to a research institution within his home to aid in the ongoing research about this novel virus.

His motivation came from his father, who believed that the only way to change the world is by educating people, especially in the field of medicine. That way, they will be enough medical personnel that is motivated to handle any situation that arises their way, especially with the outbreak of diseases such as COVID 19. 

His organization is based in Los Angeles, and it focuses on giving grants to medical research institutes to help them in financing their research on medicine and diseases. Dr. Michael Everest and his nonprofit donated $1M dollars to help fund medical research that will help fight COVID 19. He also teamed up with Agata Everest, who is a globally recognized woman who is very passionate about teaching medical institutions and centers all over the world. Together they make the perfect team helping institutions and medical graduates across the globe.

Institutions that benefit from this program include; medical university, research programs, foundation, and health centers. In each institution, there is a unique way that they benefit from the program. This is a clear indication that this foundation is at the forefront to ensure that they do everything they can to assist these institutions.

The foundation just recently donated one million dollars in gifts to Keck School of medicine. This institution set up a fund that in the foundation's name to support international postdoctoral trainees joining the medical department, especially on diagnostic research careers.

Challenges facing public health systems

The public health system is now experiencing pressure, especially with the rise of coronavirus cases. The number of infected persons flooding hospitals is higher than health caregivers within hospitals. Most of these challenges are growing, especially with the increase of infected instances, which may lead to the collapse of the health systems.

Rise of corona patients

This is a novel virus, and little is known about it. It is because of this reason that the virus is spreading so high and infecting so many people in the world. Hospitals are becoming overcrowded with patients that the health care facilities cannot be able to handle so many patients at once; this might lead to its collapse.

Fewer health workers

Health workers are the front in fighting this disease. Medical personnel is also at risk of getting infected as they handle these patients. And if they get infected, they reduce the number of the medical staff that can treat patients. Fewer health workers can bring havoc to the health system as a whole. Many people would die because they don't get the health care they need.

Little knowledge of the virus

This is a new virus, which means little is known about it. This might cripple the health system because they lack information on how to handle this disease effectively.

It is crucial that the public health system does research on this virus and how to handle it effectively to curb the spread. But with few people like Dr. Michael Everest in the world, we shall win the pandemic.

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