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2018-11-07 15:35:53 - UTAH - (PR Distribution™)

Consumers who need extended service protection for their vehicles turn to Liberty Automotive Protection NJ for the industry's highest-level of assurance. When unexpected car and truck bills pile up from needed repairs, some vehicle owners find themselves in a major financial bind. 

Those who opt for one of Liberty Automotive's affordable and trusted extended warranty plans can sleep peacefully because they know covered repairs won't cost them anything. 

There's no reason for anyone to go without an extended service plan for a vehicle they rely on for regular transportation needs. With the various extended service plans offered by Liberty Automotive, consumers can rest assured that whatever plan they pick, each one offers great value, and is backed the the reputation of a nationally-recognized company.

Different Levels of Protection

Liberty Automotive Protection NJ extended warranty plans for vehicles come in four varieties to fit any vehicle's budget. Select, Engine, Powertrain, and Powertrain Enhanced extended service plans are available so that consumers can choose from a wide range of coverage types. Each plan covers a different list of common repairs, and each one has a different price. 


The most basic, and lowest cost plan offered, the engine coverage package is perfect for older vehicles because it covers parts that tend to need attention in older, higher-mileage vehicles. Because it covers all internally-lubricated parts of a car's engine, this plan provides a solid defense against some of the most common, and expensive, repair bills that owners of older vehicles tend to encounter. 


Powertrain coverage is for owners who want a plan that includes the engine, the drive axles, and the transmission. There is an optional add-on for coverage to include the turbocharger as well as all-wheel drive and/or 4X4 vehicles. 

Powertrain Enhanced:

This particular extended service plan's coverage includes protection for the engine (whether diesel or gasoline-powered), the transmission, the water pump, the drive axle, the turbo- or super-charger, along with an option to add on enhanced coverage for the AC and basic electrical systems. 


The select level of coverage is the highest protection plan a vehicle owner can choose, covering the most essential parts and components of a vehicle. In many cases, consumers who own newer cars and trucks select this option in order to maximize their peace of mind. 


Trusted Service Plans From An Industry Leader

There's no reason to lose sleep over the chance that a vehicle might need essential repairs. With Liberty Automotive NJ plans, vehicle owners can take their pick from a group of extended coverage options that take the worry out of car ownership. 

Plus, every plan comes with a seven-point list of benefits that include trip interruption protection, transferable coverage, an unlimited number of claims, nationwide coverage within the U.S., car rental benefits, lockout assistance, and roadside assistance. All extended service plans are fully refundable, come with a $100 deductible, and are renewable. 

For peace of mind and solid value, consumers all over the U.S. choose Liberty Automotive Protection NJ plans for maximum savings on unexpected vehicle repair expenses.

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