Congress Approved Legislation Allowing Military to Use CBD

2020-07-24 18:19:23 - Texas - (PR Distribution™)

On July 20, 2020 the U.S. House of Representatives approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to allow service members to use hemp-derived CBD and other hemp products.

The amendment, proposed by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, passed by a vote of 336-71. It specified that “the Secretary of Defense may not prohibit, on the basis of a product containing hemp or any ingredient derived from hemp, the possession, use, or consumption of such product by a member of the Armed Forces” as long as the crop meets the federal definition of hemp, and that “such possession, use, or consumption is in compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local law.” The bill also includes a re-enlistment waiver for service members who admit previous marijuana use.

This amendment is in response to a Department of Defense policy issued in February 2020 by Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Matthew P. Donovan. It prohibited U.S. Armed Forces from all products derived from hemp or marijuana. If Gabbard’s amendment is included in the final version of the bill agreed to by the Senate and signed by the president, that policy would be reversed, and all active duty service members will have full access to CBD products.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is an Iraq War veteran and has advocated in Congress for hemp research and use. In July 2019 she introduced the Hemp for Victory Act which called for more federal research into the various applications of hemp

Retired United States Marine Corps First Sergeant and 16-year Veteran Ryno Brandt, the CEO of Pure Mana CBD, believes “CBD’s natural health benefits can help service members overcome many of the mental and physical obstacles we face on a daily basis.”

“Every day, an average of 22 veterans take their own life. That’s a 130% higher suicide rate than the general population. Our service members should have full access to this natural, non-psychoactive extract that helps them manage their pain, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as get quality sleep, and experience a better quality of life. It also has zero harmful side effects – which is not something any of the meds we’re prescribed can say. CBD is also non-addictive, and it can actually help with overcoming addiction and dependence on harmful opioids and stimulants.”

After Ryno Brandt retired from the military, he found it difficult to make the switch to civilian life while dealing with extreme PTSD, narcolepsy, chronic pain, and other disabilities. “I tried everything, and when it didn’t work, I was told to increase my dose. I quickly realized it wasn’t a sustainable way to live, and I didn’t want to live a life dependent on pills.”

He launched Pure Mana CBD – a brand of certified THC-free CBD products that are especially effective for Service Members, athletes, and people with high levels of chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, and PTSD. He knew they need a reliable, quality solution for their pain and suffering, and that most CBD products can contain detectable levels of THC, which is a deal breaker for those who get drug tested.

“All Pure Mana CBD products are Certified THC-free. Our hemp is 100% organically grown in the U.S.A., and all our products are grown, made, and tested in the U.S.A. All our CBD is also Nano-Amplified, a process that safely breaks down the CBD particles into nano-sized pieces so the body can absorb up to 100% for the best possible absorption. That means you get the fastest-acting, longest-lasting, most effective results from every dose. 

Each product batch is 3rd-Party Lab Tested to ensure quality and consistency. We display the 3rd-Party Lab Results on our website, and they can also be accessed via the QR code on every product’s label.

Pure Mana is on a mission to #HealOurHeroes and make this natural, safe, effective solution available to them at an affordable price. We offer a 40% Off Heroes Discount for all Veterans, Service Members, First Responders, and Healthcare Professionals.”

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived products with up to 0.3% THC, and despite over 20,000 published studies on cannabinoids showing zero harmful side effects, there still seems to be a stigma associated with hemp-derived products like CBD. As more research emerges and more people experience its health benefits, we predict the demand for quality CBD products will continue to increase.

If anyone deserves access to natural, effective wellness products, such as CBD, it’s our service men and women who selflessly sacrifices their own lives and mental and physical wellbeing. To support this initiative to give our Service Members access to federally compliant CBD products, please sign this petition:

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