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Evergreen, CO., December 10, 2020 – Expert executive coach and corporate leadership trainer, Cheryl Benedict, was recognized as Best New Author by SABA (Sound Advice Book Awards), an international awards event that recognizes authors, book illustrators and audio narrators from around the world. Winners were announced virtually on Saturday, December 5. The audience award, chosen by readers, went to Benedict. 

“To be recognized by SABA judges and the audience of attendees was exhilarating,” said Benedict. “It was gratifying to see the book be well received, and I’m so pleased to have been in the company of the other wonderful authors on the Long List. It is my sincere hope that ‘The Wisdom of Transition’ can help professionals everywhere navigate transitions with confidence, resourcefulness, and inner grace.”

On Saturday, Benedict read an excerpt from the book during the awards show to highlight her hopes for readers: “…We all had a wonderful time during the drive. I will never forget the kindness of strangers. That experience helped me realize that even when we're in the throes of transition, feeling vulnerable, stranded and completely alone - unexpected good things can happen. In fact, a key element of transition is that, even though it can be traumatic at times, it's also a prime opportunity for something new and unexpected to occur. If we learn to trust and be responsive, we can benefit greatly from surprises and synchronicities that lead us in whole new directions.”

In the book, Benedict outlines three stages of career transition: Entering Transition, The “In-Between” Zone, and Insights and Transformation. To reinforce the principles, she shares specific stories and anecdotes of past and current clients. Benedict highlights seven types of career changes: Transitioning to a New Leader, Transitioning into Deep Work, Transitioning into a New Role or Job, Transitioning When Losing a Promotion, Transitioning To and From Work, Transitioning into New Interactions, and Transitioning To and From Vacation.

About the Author:
Cheryl Benedict is a leadership consultant, executive coach, trusted advisor, and wise woman who partners with successful organizations to grow their leaders, guiding them in the midst of professional and organizational change and transition. To learn more visit 


About SABA Book Awards:
The ongoing mission of SABA (Sound Advice) is to publish relevant articles, promote books that can help new and intermediate artists and authors in the industry. To see a short video about the awards, visit 

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