College Apps Abroad launches to help students apply for college and graduate school overseas

2020-07-31 20:07:06 - United States, California, San Diego - (PR Distribution™)

Students who are starting to think about college or grad school applications now have a new option to consider, as College Apps Abroad launches to provide guidance and support through the process of applying for degree programs outside the U.S.

Sara Cavalieri, Founder and CEO, started this Independent Educational Consultant practice after having completed her master’s degree in Australia and working in international recruitment and admissions for universities overseas for almost 10 years.

As a recruitment manager for some of the world’s top institutions, she has helped students from both the U.S. and Canada apply to programs at universities such as The University of Edinburgh (UK), The University of Western Australia and most recently, her alma mater—the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia.

And with many U.S. universities going online for the foreseeable future, many students are choosing to transfer abroad or apply to not only one—but multiple countries and systems—in order to give themselves the best chance at having a ‘normal’ college experience.

While countries such as Scotland and New Zealand have all but eliminated Covid-19 for now, the rising number of cases in the U.S. isn’t the only reason that more and more students are applying abroad though.

“College admissions in the U.S. is incredibly confusing and highly stressful, as you might have two different candidates with the exact same profile receiving different outcomes at the same institution,” she said.

“Entry requirements overseas in places such as the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are a lot more straightforward, and in some countries, students don’t even need to submit essays or reference letters—or the GRE for grad school applicants.

“We help students and families figure that out and hopefully save a lot of heartache in the meantime.”

There are also financial, career and personal benefits in completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree overseas, and most professional programs such as veterinary medicine, medicine and dentistry can be studied straight out of high school—also saving time and money.

“When you look at the cost of many private institutions in the U.S.,” Cavalieri said, “you have some really prominent overseas universities with much more affordable—and I would argue more valuable—degree programs.

“People also don’t realize that you can use U.S. federal loans to help with the costs of tuition and living expenses at a number of universities abroad, and there are scholarships dedicated to international students specifically.

“Plus, many overseas institutions are just a lot more affordable, period—or have a shorter degree duration.

“One thing is for sure though—studying overseas is no longer just for the elite.”

College Apps Abroad is an Independent Educational Consultant practice that helps students discover their inner global citizens by applying for their degrees overseas. We offer both hourly and comprehensive programs with customized, personalized support in areas such as high school curriculum planning, establishing testing timelines, understanding entry requirements, building the college list, writing the personal statement/essay, understanding the UCAS system in the UK, applications, financial aid and more. Contact us today to get started or follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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