Click, Click, Ring: Marketing start-up Novocall, Celebrates Their 50,000th Call Minutes on Platform with a Fresh New Look.

02/15/2019 23:00 - SINGAPORE - (PR Distribution™)

Amidst new usage milestones, Singaporean SaaS start-up Novocall, launches fresh new look to symbolize a readiness and intent to become the best software of its class offering proven digital click-to-callback solutions.

About a year ago, Novocall launched its proprietary software, allowing businesses to empower marketing and sales teams around the world. More than 2,000 businesses across 42 countries deploy the Novocall widget on their site today, with the platform handling over 1,000 minutes of calls every single day, and a cumulative milestone of over 50,000 calls connected.

Today, Novocall enjoys the support of the Singapore's Tourism Board (STB), to push their solution out to the travel industry. This is the classic story of one thing leading to another, as Novocall’s first account win was actually with travel company, EU Holidays. 

The evolving nature of the software meant that collaterals at use when Novocall first launched have now become somewhat misaligned with the brand ethos and intended market position. This sparked the realization that a rebrand needed to be done, in order to better reflect the status of the software a the premiere modern solution to converting sales calls.

Towards the end of 2018, Novocall did just that. The rebrand was conducted in-house, with close guidance with multiple industry advisors to nail down the refreshed brand ethos and effectively convey that into a globally-ready brand. Aligning with their company mission of making business-to-customer communication more personalized, Novocall aimed to showcase a more refreshing brand image through use of key colour gradients, and softer design elements in a bid to humanize the formerly clinical-and-strictly-digital projection. Key among those visuals is the logo, reimagined to consist of two arrows in pointing different directions, and joining together. This symbolizes the software’s core USP of seamless communication from two separate channels, while forming an abstract “N” for Novocall. The typeface has also been modernized for clear use on both digital and print collaterals.

Old Novocall logo

Rebranded Novocall logo

The corresponding, rebranded website was actually rolled out at the end of January, existing as a multi-variant page test, where 50% of new site visitors were funneled into the new site, and with the remaining half to the old site. In this test, Novocall found that there was over 16% higher dwell times, 7% reduced bounce rates and a staggering 23% higher conversions on the new page vs the old, proving that the rebrand was a step in the right direction. 

The rebrand’s goal was also to maximize user conversion on the site, with refreshed copies and livery, in order to effectively herd incoming traffic into a Novocall trial. To do this, we actively observed and optimized key conversion points and dialed down on the things that worked and fine-tuned the things that didn’t.

Old Novocall website

Rebranded Novocall website

This rebrand cements Novocall’s belief that it is at the crux of the convergence of digital technologies and analog solutions that still exist today, and that it is the premiere software that empowers business owners, marketers and salespeople at large, to never let a single user slip away. 

What are you waiting for? Get your visitors clicking, and your phone lines ringing today.

About Novocall.

Founded by three graduates from SUTD in 2017, Novocall is a click to callback automation platform, on a mission to convert traditional phone calls into data-driven conversations. They were incubated by SMU’s incubator, Business Innovations Generator (BIG) and supported by fintech accelerator, The Finlab. 

Several local companies and institutions had deployed their technology, including Singapore Management University (SMU), Nanyang School of Fine Arts (NAFA) and EU Holidays. 

Recently, Novocall launched a crowdfunding campaign on a software listing platform, Appsumo, in a bid to market their product overseas. The campaign was a major success, and they raised more than $150,000 in revenue from the campaign alone. 

Novocall is now building more development capabilities from Indonesia, Batam, to further entrench their product into various industries such as travel and education. 

About the team.

The three founders met when they were studying at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and started Novocall right after graduation. Prior to Novocall, Jing Jie and Amos was running an Edtech startup, while Jionghan ran his own marketing agency. 

Novocall is also supported by several industry advisors, which includes venture firm head Shirley Wong (TNF Ventures) and a veteran in the telecommunications industry, Mock Park Lum (Ex-Chief Technological Officer of Starhub). Several marketing professionals also advise Novocall, including Jacob Puthenparambil (Redhill Asia) and Jan Mascarina (Construct Digital).

Novocall is incubated by several incubators. They are currently incubees in SMU’s Business Innovations Generator (BIG) and have gone through an acceleration program by a fintech accelerator, The Finlab. They are also slated to join National University of Singapore’s Blk 71 program this coming quarter. 

More information.

Website: www.novocall.co

Press image repository: bit.ly/novocall-presskit-images

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Name: Huang Jing Jie

Email: [email protected]

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